Mass Vibratory Finishing

Mass Vibratory Finishing

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Looking for an efficient way to clean, deburr and/or polish a large volume of parts? Finishing Systems offers an assortment of mass vibratory finishing equipment. By means of either a bowl-shaped or tub type vibratory chamber one can effectively clean, deburr or polish a large number of parts at one time.

The mass finishing process entails the use of friction through vibration to rub the media against the parts to produce the desired result. The process can be either wet or dry, depending on the application. Typically the operation employs the use of vibratory finishing compound or agent to facilitate, lubricate, clean and enhance this process.


An Advanced Design

Vibratory equipment can also be fitted with an internal parts separation apparatus insuring 100% part unloading. With this design your parts are efficiently separated from the finishing media by means of a ramp located underneath the media; During the processing cycle, and when engaged (either manually or pneumatically) the ramp pivots upward lifting both the abrasive media and parts to a separation screen deck. During this operation the media then falls back through the openings of the screen separator and the parts automatically discharge from the machine making this option an attractive and labor-saving feature.

Mass Finishing Equipment for Every Need

Finishing Systems carries a selection of feature-laden mass vibratory finishing equipment for just about any purpose. Choices include:

  • Round Bowl Finishers – Ideally suited for use in a wide variety of standard finishing applications.
  • Spiral Bowl Finishers – The spiral bowl machine is considered to be a premium piece of mass vibratory finishing equipment, as it provides the important benefit of 100-percent separation of media and parts.
  • Vibratory Combo Finisher/Dryer – Enables complete finishing and drying in one comprehensive process, saving time and money.
  • Vibratory Long Radius Finishing Equipment – Offers superior unloading and roll characteristics in comparison to standard finishers. Long radius finishers are specifically designed for steel ball burnishing or applications requiring continuous operation.

In addition, Finishing Systems offers a large selection of media for vibratory mass finishing applications that will improve the results of your processes. These include vibratory polishing media for aluminum and other vibratory tumbler polishing products.

Download Our Informative Vibratory Brochures:

  • SVB Vibratory Finisher: The SVB Series includes an assortment of round bowl vibratory finishers with process capacities ranging from five to 60 cubic feet. An ideal vibratory deburring machine, an SVB product includes a wide range of features such as variable-speed drive, automatic premixing compound system, removable coated screen deck and pneumatically controlled parts unload ramp.
  • 110 Bowl Vibratory Finisher: The 110 Bowl Series from Ultramatic Equipment Co. includes a heavy-duty welded steel bowl, innovative cartridge drive system, rugged polyurethane bowl lining and simplified, single-phase operation. In addition to serving as effective vibratory deburring/polishing machines, 110 Series models can also be used in applications such as improving the surface finish on titanium ball valves and to create a pre-anodize finish on extruded aluminum parts.
  • Portaburr – Portable Tub Series Finisher: Ultramatic’s Portaburr Series of portable tub finishers is an excellent choice for applications such as deburring fabricated aluminum parts, degreasing automotive starter/alternator housings and polishing boat propellers. Key features include a patented overhead drive for increased energy efficiency, heavy-duty polyurethane tub lining and a media discharge door to facilitate media change-out.
  • VB Series Round Bowl Vibratory Finisher: Another effective round bowl vibratory finisher, the VB Series is a smart choice for high-precision finishing processes where preventing part-to-part contact is essential. Available features include a unique curved wall design, efficient TEFC motor, rotating carousel dividers and removeable drains.
  • TV Tub Series: The Ultramatic TV Tub vibratory finisher line consists of tub machines with process capacities ranging from eight to 40 cubic feet and multiple tub diameter, tub length, lining and motor options. Standard features include a premium cast urethane lining, TEFC motor and an offset vibrator design. Customize the performance of your vibratory finisher by adding optional features such as a curved back wall tub, removable tub dividers and an external media handling system.
  • OHD (Overhead Drive) – Tub Series Vibratory Finisher: These overhead drive tub vibratory finishers feature processing capacities ranging from 5.5 to 70 cubic feet, making them well-suited for small-to-medium finishing applications. The patented overhead drive system delivers unmatched vibratory energy, enabling fast, efficient processing of parts of all sizes, while also extending lining life. The OHD feature also provides easy drive access for simplified maintenance.
  • OHD (Overhead Drive System – Large Tub Series Vibratory Finisher: Large Tub Series Vibratory Finisher – Providing a robust processing capacity of up to 400 cubic feet, this large tub series is designed for the biggest vibratory finishing jobs. Standard OHD features include the patented OHD vibrator design, welded and stress relieved tub construction and auto-grease lubrication. Available options include AC frequency variable speed drive, settling tanks and filtration systems and a compound premix system.


Mass Vibratory Finishing Equipment Backed by Four Decades of Experience

Finishing Systems has been meeting the metal finishing needs of manufacturers, contractors, fabricators and foundry operators for more than 40 years. In addition to offering the best mass vibratory finishing equipment on the market, you get a full menu of services to help you maximize your investment. We can do everything from a complete system design and installation to providing timely repairs and service whenever you need it. Contact Finishing Systems today for more information about our complete inventory of mass vibratory finishing equipment and services.

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