Antique Stove Refinishing

Antique Stove Refinishing

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We get a real sense of satisfaction here at Finishing Systems when we see another successful project completed.  There’s pride in seeing an old item restored to its former glory, such as this antique wood stove. The cast iron stove had been around for generations but was in a sorry state when it was brought to us for restoration. A cherished family heirloom, it had become tarnished over the years and was no longer useable due to the heavy soot build-up inside.


As with all our blasting projects, we started by sitting down with the owner to discuss their stove. Years of use had built up thick layers of grime, dirt and scale that not only made it less attractive, but also made it dangerous to use. Adequate airflow and ventilation are required with these old stoves to keep them burning properly and avoid dangerous flare-ups or hot spots.

After inspection, we determined we could use our advanced blasting techniques to carefully remove all the soot and scale without damaging the cast iron walls. While it’s easy to assume such a thick old stove can handle an abrasive blast, it still takes a skilled operator and the right selection of blast media and pressure to avoid warping thinner sections or damaging edges and trim.

Getting Back to Like New

The goal with this antique stove restoration was to get it back to like-new condition and leave the bare metal prepped for final coating. Our expert team carefully dismantled the stove, taking care to note how it was disassembled so it could be quickly reassembled again after. This stove featured some delicate ironwork scrolls and details we didn’t want to damage, so we took precautions when handling and blasting.

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Thanks to our choice in abrasive media, removing the scale and grime was relatively easy. Our expert team worked to blast the worst of the grime before progressing to heavier build up in corners and along the seams. Since this was a cooking stove, there was a mix of wood soot and grease from decades of food preparation. We chose the right abrasive grain to remove all traces of dirt, grime and the original coating.

Without professional abrasive blast equipment, it would’ve been impossible to fully remove all the dirt and grime that remained, especially on the inside of the wood box and cooking cavities. Once completed, the stove metal was laid bare, much like it would’ve been when it was first manufactured. The owner will now proceed with a final coating to restore the original appearance of the stove and then put it back to use.

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 It was a pleasure for us to be part of this antique stove restoration. We take pride in helping customers restore their antique objects to give them a second life. If you have an antique object such as this beautiful cooker stove, contact us today and tell us a bit about it. Together, we can determine the best steps to take to blast the old finish and get it ready for refinishing. You won’t find better service or capability anywhere in PA, so come discover how Finishing Systems can work magic on your old objects and antiques.

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