Spray Booth Accessories

Spray Booth Accessories

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The best way to improve your spray booth speed, efficiency and quality is to equip your business with the right spray booth accessories. At Finishing Systems, we carry a range of quality paint booth accessories that help you optimize the way you work to save you time and effort on spraying and cleanup. Look at our selection of accessories and think about how they could help make your spraying and painting operations safer and easier.


Accessories for Filtration, Protection, and Lighting

We have several categories of spray booth accessories from proven manufacturers for sale. Finishing Systems is a leading PA business and understands the challenges of industrial and commercial painting. Check out our different accessories that can help improve how you paint and the quality of your paint finish:

  • Filters: Clean and filtered air in your spray booth makes for a safer and more appealing work environment and has a direct effect on the quality of your paint finishes. Adequate air filtration keeps over spray down, which can require costly reworking or scrap. It also gives the operator better visibility while they’re spraying, meaning they’re less likely to miss spots.
  • Booth protection: Cleanup of your booth after spraying can take a lot of time and reduces your overall paint process cycle time. Instead of worrying about over spray and paint buildup all over your spray booth, install affordable protection over your floors, walls and equipment that can be quickly removed after painting for easy cleanup.
  • Lighting: Proper lighting is often overlooked in paint booths. Choose the right lighting accessories to give your paint booth operators adequate lighting no matter where they are in your paint booth. You can combine fixed lighting with portable lighting for the best flexibility. Portable lighting also allows you to accommodate differently sized or shaped items in your spray booth.

On top of these popular paint booth accessories, we also sell a range of personal protective equipment including gloves, helmets, visors, suits and communication systems that help improve your spray booth operations. Check out our online selection today to learn more about the accessories we have for sale here at Finishing Systems.

A Dedicated Team to Help You Choose

It doesn’t matter if you have been painting for years or are just getting into the business: it’s important to step back and make sure you are equipped for the best possible results, quality and efficiency. Our Finishing Systems team will take the time to understand your painting requirements and help you find the right paint booth accessories for how you spray.

Don’t let ineffective filters, inadequate lighting or a lack of paint booth protection slow you down. Instead, improve the way you paint and spray with a few handy accessories designed for industrial paint booths. You can trust Finishing Systems to deliver top-quality products at great prices, so fill in our contact form to request a quote or to inquire about any of our paint booth accessories.

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