Paint Mixing Rooms

Paint Mixing Rooms

Paint Mixing Rooms


Contaminant-free clean rooms are essential for creating a safe and efficient environment for performing paint mixing tasks. They are also necessary for maintaining compliance with OSHA and NFPA requirements. Finishing Systems offers a large selection of pressurized, air-conditioned paint mixing rooms that provide the controlled area that meets the needs of your operation.

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A Wide Range of Innovative Features to Ensure a Contaminant-Free Work Environment

Our paint mixing rooms feature a unique insulated panel design that includes innovative dual skin construction. This helps to isolate the mixing room from the external facility environment. A filtered air recirculation plenum ensures that the air inside the room will circulate at a sufficient velocity to prevent incoming factory air from entering prematurely. Factory air is actually captured

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by specially designed filter plenums that filter the air an additional time before it enters the room. The paint mixing room is also designed to meet or exceed all existing national code requirements.

Other Important Paint Mixing Room Benefits

The availability of optional heat and humidity control can help you create the ideal working environment for your paint mixing room. Superior lighting provides maximum visibility throughout the mixing process; the unit’s ceiling includes light panels with lights and tubes. The solid construction ensures your room will remain functional and safe even during long periods of heavy use.

Finishing Systems Offers Unmatched Mixing Room Expertise

The team at Finishing Systems has the experience and know-how to help you find the perfect paint mixing room for your operating environment. We can assist you with everything from product selection and installation to instructing your staff on safe and appropriate use. We can also provide routine maintenance and major repair service whenever you need it.

For Your Paint Mixing Room Needs

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The customer service is fantastic, their crew does a great job of getting back to you on quotes, process time, etc in a very timely manner. Their quality is A+. One of the greatest vendors Epy Industries has the pleasure of working with.

- Bernadette Miller
Customer Service Manager - EPY INDUSTRIES.

Thank you for being such an easy company to work with. We appreciate the excellent service that you provide when completing our parts in such a timely manner. The personal relationship is impeccable, especially with you taking the time to notify us when the parts are ready to be picked up. We appreciate all of your support. We would recommend your business to anyone who would ask.

- Jeanette
Dixon Valve & Coupling Co.

Having worked for a large company and now having my own small company I know what it’s like to receive and expect excellent customer service. Finishing Systems treated my small company and me with the same respect, attention and knowledgeable advice I would expect when placing a much larger order.

- Paul Spear
CEO, Critical Welding Solutions Enterprises LLC

Finishing Systems has shown Readco Kurimoto, LLC exceptional customer service,  when we need ‘rush’ jobs done,  just one call and they make it happen.  Working with Finishing Systems makes my job easier dealing with likeminded people,  knowing Customers come first.

- Ruth Knaub
Procurement Manager Readco Kurimoto, LLC

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Gary and the entire Finishing Systems team for your continued excellent service!  Your quick turnarounds on my often unrealistic delivery requests are very much appreciated!

- Lois Heiland
Customer Service/Engineering Administrator

Finishing Systems has helped us in many jobs this year,  pushing things thru your shop for us.  We are grateful for everything Finishing Systems has done for us; without your help we would not have been as successful.

- Readco Kurimoto