Batch Booths

Batch Booths

Batch Booths


Finishing Systems is your one-stop source for all of your batch powder coating needs. We feature a complete selection of batch booths that are designed for use in manual powder coating applications. Booths are available in numerous widths to accommodate shops of all sizes. In addition to a host of standard features, our batch booths also offer a wide range of options than enable you to customize the booth to meet the specific needs of your business.

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Two Types of Batch Booths to Choose From

Our selection of batch booths includes:

  • Non-Recovery Powder Booths – These open-face powder booths feature an innovative 3-stage filtration system and a high-capacity recirculation fan that deliver superior performance. The complete package includes the booth, fan, motor and energy-efficient light fixtures, as well as filters and grids and assembly hardware. Choose from options such as booth extensions, product doors and control panels.
  • Cartridge System (Powder Collection) Booths – These booths include a built-in cartridge filtration system to filter and recirculate clean air. This unit also comes with an optional deluxe control panel that can be programmed to automatically inject high-velocity bursts of air into each filter on a sequential basis. Other options include booth extensions, conveyor openings, powder modules and a fluidized bed for powder recovery.

In addition to our manual powder coating batch booths, we also offer high-production collection booths that are typically used with automated conveyer-based powder coating applications. We also carry a wide assortment of filters and other parts and accessories to keep your batch booth operating at maximum efficiency.


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Finishing Systems has the expertise to help you choose the right batch booth for your specific applications. We back our booth products with the best customer service you’ll find anywhere in the industry. Contact us to learn more about our batch booth products today!