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Finishing Systems has been an industry leader in paint technologies for over 130 years, and we provide complete in-house paint booth parts from concept to execution in our Osseo, WI plant. We have worked with many satisfied companies over the years to provide parts and service for their paint booths, and we’re confident you’ll find our products to be the best on the market.

Paint Booth Parts & Accessories

Your paint booth is an essential part of your company’s painting production system. Each part installed plays a critical role in the success of your business. For this reason, you’ll need to choose a filtration system that will protect your staff, doors that keep impurities from affecting the quality of the paint coat, and electrical components that will stand up to rigorous usage. It’s important to work with a manufacturer who will provide you with parts that will enhance your company’s workflow — and last over the long term.

Browse our selection of paint booth parts and start choosing the best fit for your next project:

Booth Shield

Our Booth Shield provides superior protection and creates a safer spraying environment. The coatings can be applied quickly and removed easily, without damaging the underlying substrate.


Paint booth filters are a critical element in paint booth operation. Used for removing impurities and venting out harmful fumes, quality paint booth filters can protect your product, your facilities, and most importantly, your employees’ health. Finishing Systems offers a wide range of choices for both intake and exhaust filters.

Choose an Intake Pad (available in four sizes and a Micro Clean variety for openings 20”x48” in size), and you’ll benefit from a filter that removes over 90% of particles larger than 5 microns. 2-and-3 stage filtration is offered for jobs requiring chromate collection.

For exhaust filtration, you can select from high-performance polyester, “gold” polyester, fiberglass, or fiberglass roll medias, each with their own advantages in containing and safely distributing paint particles.


At Finishing Systems, we offer a series of paint booth doors and door hardware that cater to your specific project and design needs. Choose from industrial product doors that feature both solid and filter varieties and accessories such as handles and foam tape. You can also choose from refinish doors and windowed doors available in 3-or 4-wing styles, or industrial personnel doors available in either left- or right-hand swing, with/without windows, and a kit for easy installation.

We also offer a range of door sealing products — such as tapes, gaskets and seals — in a variety of sizes to prevent leakage. If you need a door for your JBI, Binks, DeVibiss, Milbanks, or Blu-Surf legacy paint booth, we can provide it.

Electrical Components

Choosing top-quality Finishing Systems electrical components for your paint booth ensures reliable, safe operation of your equipment. We offer:

  • Explosion-proof start/stop switches
  • Pneumatic start/stop switches
  • Safety air valves
  • Safety shut-downs
  • Limit switches (for halting painting when doors are opened)
  • Explosion-proof gun hangers (which trigger vents when spray guns are taken from their hangers)

If it’s time to replace the worn-out electrical system in your paint booth, you can count on Finishing Systems to supply you with the parts you need.


For a lighting system that ensures quality optics in your paint booth, choose Finishing Systems paint booth lighting. We provide powerful, energy-efficient lighting options to fulfill each niche in your paint booth lighting system — inside access lighting, T5 fixtures, corner lighting, fluorescent lighting, incandescent lighting, and explosion-proof overhead lighting covered in aluminum casing to protect your staff and products.

Just need parts? You can also find fixture glass and replacement bulbs in our inventory that will help you maintain optimal conditions in your paint booth lighting system.


Your paint booth relies on the strength of its motors to power exhaust fans for proper ventilation. Finishing Systems manufactures two varieties of paint booth motors you can depend on for long-lasting, powerful service:

  • A totally enclosed, fan cooled motor
  • An explosion-proof model designed specifically for locations where hazardous materials will be present

All components in our motors are constructed from the most durable materials and can resist corrosion. In addition, they are compliant with fire and safety codes and the EPACT regulation for Maximum High Performance and Efficiency.


Pair a Finishing Systems motor with one of our exhaust fans, and your paint booth will benefit from a system that’s powerful, reliable and energy-efficient. Choose from the following builds:

  • Tube axial — either a GFA or TAB model for straight airflow
  • High-performance vane axial — for especially high efficiency performance
  • Mixed flow in-line fans — ideal for areas without much sound output


Is your paint booth duct work in need of replacement? Have you been using parts of subpar quality just to get by? It’s time to invest in quality components that will fortify your paint booth’s ventilation system and provide years of trouble-free service. Finishing Systems offers automatic roof ventilators to resist rain, snow and backdraft, connector rings to attach your exhaust fan to the remainder of your system, materials for reducing sound levels up to 5 decibels, and more.

Control Panels

It’s crucial to have the right instrumentation to accurately manage your paint booth. At Finishing Systems, we manufacture control panels in both analog and digital varieties. We offer everything from our basic, no-frills standard model to our top-of-the-line LOGIC 4 console — which offers an interface that gives you significant authority over each aspect of your painting process. We’ll even work with you to determine which panels are an exact fit for your needs.


Expand the capacity of your paint booth, or replace old and inefficient parts, and streamline your workflow with the fine paint booth accessories at Finishing Systems. Included in this range of products is our Pump Bottle Holder, a paint booth tool cabinet, an Ultra Drying System, our Boothboxes for double-spray gun storage, wall curtains and light fixture protection.

Contact our team today to learn about which paint booth parts are best for your application.

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