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Powder coating is often viewed as a more acceptable alternative to liquid paint for application on metal parts and surfaces. Unlike wet paint, the coating is applied as a dry powder. The powder-coated part is then cured in an oven to strengthen the bond. Industrial Powder coating is fast and relatively inexpensive, and it is also friendly to the environment.

York, PA-based Finishing Systems is widely recognized as a leading provider of cost-effective industrial powder coating equipment. We offer a complete line of powder coating equipment, including automated conveyor systems that are a model of speed and efficiency. We feature powder coating booths from Global Finishing Solutions, a leading worldwide provider of innovative industrial powder coating equipment.

GFS products are a preferred choice of auto body shops, various large truck finishing operations and automobile manufacturing plants.

Finishing Systems does not service powder coating, but offers commercial powder coating equipment for purchase.

Fully Integrated Turn-Key Powder Coating Equipment For Sale

No powder coating application is too large or too small for Finishing Systems. That’s because our fully integrated turnkey systems can easily be customized to the size and scope of your operation, as well as the types of parts or other products that require coating. We can even accommodate high-production lines that place heavy demands on powder coating equipment.

In addition, we carry an assortment of non-recovery powder booths as well as powder collection booths featuring self-contained cartridge filtration systems. Our selection of complete powder coating systems includes:

Batch Booths

Batch powder coating systems offer an efficient solution for facilities with limited floor space. These manually operated powder coating systems enable operators to prepare, coat and cure the parts — the workpieces are physically transported through each phase of the process. These small powder coating systems offer a cost-effective metal finishing solution for lower-volume production runs and when more precise control over the process is required, such as when finishing irregularly shaped parts and components.

Our powder coating booths for batch systems include open-face, non-recovery booths that deliver superior performance for small-batch powder coating applications. These complete booth systems include the booth, fan, lighting, air filters and grids and are equipped with an advanced three-way filtration system and circulation fan for efficient and safe ventilation.

The solid booth construction features pre-punched booth panels and easy nut-and-bolt assembly that ensures maximum structural integrity in even the most demanding work environments.

We also offer powder recovery booths that enable the efficient collection of unused powder for future use. Specifically designed for small-to-medium power coating applications, these recovery booths include an innovative self-pulsing system that provides continuous filter cleaning. This helps minimize clogging and extend filter life.


Automated Conveyor Systems

Automated conveyor systems provide a faster powder coating alternative and are ideally suited for high-volume projects. The automated operation requires minimal human intervention, which can lower your labor costs. The automated conveyor system steps include surface preparation via chemical prewashing followed by drying, application of the powder coating, curing and cooling. An automated powder coating system is typically the best choice when coating parts of similar shape and size.

Other Commercial Powder Equipment Offerings

Finishing Systems is also your one-stop headquarters for a wide range of parts and accessories that will maximize the performance of your powder coating equipment and keep it in peak operating condition. You’ll find an assortment of spray booth parts and components such as booth filters, doors and various electrical components, as well as a complete selection of respiratory equipment that will keep your workers safe and increase their productivity.

Rely on Our Expertise to Help You Make the Right Industrial Powder Coating Decision

There are many factors to consider when selecting powder coating equipment — size and type of your parts, project volume and scope, process speed, available floor space for additional equipment and cost. Our staff includes experienced powder coating professionals who will help you evaluate your options and make the best choice for your company.


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