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Respiratory Equipment

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Bullard’s safety products have simultaneously protected workers and helped businesses maximize productivity across the globe for over a century. At Finishing Systems, our respiratory equipment epitomizes this commitment to manufacturing excellence and workplace safety.

Let’s take a look at a few of the best features of our free air pumps and respiratory equipment and consider their potential benefit to your business.

Eco and User-Friendly Free Air Pumps

Without the need for oil, Bullard free air pumps save you from having to worry about the complications of air pumps’ reliance on petroleum¬based fuel. You no longer have to worry about risking your employees’ health with carbon monoxide ingestion, and you’ll be doing the planet a favor by not burning fossil fuels. Because you can transport your Bullard free air pump unit freely, it’s a great option for any company with multiple projects in different locations.

There are a few different Bullard free air pump models with varying characteristics that will affect your project:


The EDP10 is a lightweight, highly portable unit, weighing only 49 pounds. It’s suitable for two people equipped with half or full face mask respirators, or one person set up with a hood/helmet respirator. Its inlet filter blocks particles bigger than 25 microns from entering your workers’ suits, and it’s rated at medium efficiency. Using extension hose kits, workers can keep a distance of 300’ between the unit and their inlet filter.


At 98 pounds, the EDP16TE has a larger size than the EDP10. It’s powerful enough to supply air to a small crew of three wearing half or full-mask respirators or two people equipped with hood or helmet respirators. Its inlet filter blocks particles bigger than 25 microns from entering your workers’ suits, and it is rated at medium efficiency as well.

Like the EDP10, workers can keep a distance of 300’ between the unit and their inlet filter using proper extension hose kits. For hazardous environments, chose a EDP16HAZ unit, equipped with a motor that’s in accordance with National Electric Code standards.


The EDP30 is a heavy-duty unit that can keep up to ten people wearing half or full face mask respirators or seven workers wearing hood or helmet respirators supplied with fresh air. Like its smaller counterparts, its inlet filter can keep objects in excess of 25 microns out of your workers’ suits.

A Range of Respiratory Options

Depending on the size and scope of your project, you might need the basic protection that a half-face mask respirator offers, or a full suit to keep out as many hazards you’ll experience on the jobsite. Each Bullard respirator unit pairs easily with Bullard’s free air pumps for an airtight respiratory solution that ensures both safety and function.

Let’s examine a few Bullard respirator styles to determine the best fit for your workers’ needs:

  • FAMBSYS — This is a half-mask unit offering basic protection against the elements.
  • SPECSYS — This is a full-mask unit.
  • GR50SYS —This unit offers further protection by offering a hood to keep contaminants out of your workers’ hair.
  • 88VXSYS — As the most deluxe offering from Bullard, an airline respirator suits functions as an excellent choice for protecting your staff against toxic materials on the job site. Double¬lined to ensure maximum sealage, they include helmets to protect the head against falling objects, a wide¬angle viewing lens for excellent optics, and an available climate control system to keep your employees comfortable.

Finishing Systems is headquartered in Pennsylvania, but we’re happy to work with you if you are located in a surrounding state. Contact our team today to get started!

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