Air Blast Equipment & Turnkey Blast Rooms

Air Blast Equipment & Turnkey Blast Rooms

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Abrasive blasting is an efficient and invaluable process to prepare the surface of a metal substrate or other materials prior to the application of a subsequent finish or coating; it may also be used to produce a final uniformly satin finish.



Starblast™ DuPont Economical & highly efficient abrasive blasting for silica free applications
Glass Beading Surface preparation, decorative etching & fine finishing
Crushed Glass Blasting Economical paint stripping, where abrasive recycling is not critical
Aluminum Oxide Blasting Deburring, paint-coatings removal, surface prep/etch for coatings
Plastic Abrasive Blasting Plastic parts deflashing, and mild stripping without surface impingement
Stainless Steel Blasting Blast cleaning and bright finishing for nonferrous(aluminum, stainless, brass) products
Steel Shot/Grit Scale removal, shot peening and surface cleaning

FINISHING SYSTEMS sells, installs and services all major lines of air blast equipment, including complete blast rooms and required dust collection systems. Our 40+ years of experience uniquely qualifies us as a leader in the industry and one to trust with your next requirement.

Over the past several years we have expanded our sales emphasis to include large-scale turnkey surface preparation installations such as complete blast & paint systems. We are involved from concept, design, to manufacturing processes. Once the equipment is delivered we can provide total turnkey systems through a team of installation professionals. This includes all required equipment, building retrofits, or new construction, installation, set up, and training.

We distribute a complete line of replacement parts for most major brands of equipment, including nozzles and blast hose. To keep you in compliance, we also sell safety equipment, including respiratory hoods and free air pumps.















Allow us the opportunity to show you how you can optimize your blasting operation; by updating to the latest technology or by converting and upgrading your existing equipment to insure maximum performance and improve its overall life.

In addition to our team of professional installation crews, we have two experienced service technicians on staff to further assist in the setup of equipment, repairs and service to existing equipment, or train your personnel for maximum efficiency.

Also – remember our job shop is here to serve your needs should your equipment break down or you decide that a current equipment investment is not suitable.

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