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Mass Finishing Supplies

Mass Finishing Supplies


Finishing Systems is your one-stop source for all of your mass finishing supply needs. Finishing Systems offers more than 40 years of metal finishing experience. Contact us for more information about how our mass finishing supplies can help you achieve the smooth, bright, burr-free finish you desire.

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Preformed Ceramic Media

Manufactured in a vast array of sizes, shapes, and compositions to fit your application. Through proper selection, ceramic media is guaranteed to impart a perfectly smooth, bright finish on your part in a timely and cost-effective manner. A range of ceramic compositions and formulations produces a variety of end results. Media can range from faster cutting compositions for heavy burr removal, to formulations producing lighter deburring characterized by finer and brighter finishes.

mass finishing supplies

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Plastic Media

Our line of premium Duramedia is manufactured of polyester resin offering clear advantages in performance. It is available in low density, high density and ultra-high performance formulations each guaranteeing your requirements in your application.

Steel (Burnishing) Media

Our Duramedia steel media is available in Carbon steel and Stainless Steel. Steel media is a non-consumable media. Its durability significantly reduces finishing times and offers a variety of finishes. It can produce a burr-free bright smooth finish on your substrate. Parts processed with steel media have longer cycle lives and greater resistance to wear as a result of compressive stress action — a beneficial by-product of the finishing process.

Stainless steel media is available in numerous sizes and shapes including:

  • Round – Intended for use in critical applications only.
  • Barrel – The most commonly used form of round media, barrel media may contain microscopic surface imperfections that have little impact on the final result.
  • Cone – Typically used in vibratory finishing applications requiring aggressive results, cone media is distinguishable by its small size, tapered crowns and center flange.
  • Ball Cones – Known for their superior burnishing capabilities.
  • Oval Balls – Also used in vibratory finishing as well as barrel tumbling processes, oval balls are typically used when a scratch- or dimple-free finish is necessary.
  • Diagonal – Diagonal media contains beveled edges that provide an effective finishing solution in tight corners.


Metal Cleaning and Finishing compounds

Through the means of mass finishing companies clean, burnish, deburr, radii formation and properly prepare a substrate for final finishing and assembly into the final product.

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