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Properly refinishing a boat involves many important steps. You need to take care as you clean, strip and refinish a boat to be sure the new coating adheres properly and gives you many years of reliable service out on the water. It doesn’t matter if you’re refinishing an aluminum, fiberglass or composite boat, you’ll want to follow the right steps. Here at Finishing Systems, we have the experience and knowledge to propose the right equipment and blasting media to save you time and frustration as you refinish your boat.


yachts in waterGuaranteeing a Proper Finish

 Ensuring a good, long-lasting boat refinish means taking steps to remove all the old, loose paint so you have a solid base for the new paint. You need to prep your fiberglass or other material by blasting away all the old paint with an abrasive blaster and the right media. Media that is too soft won’t adequately remove the old paint, while media that is too hard can damage and warp your boat or even create holes.

Here at Finishing Systems, we have the equipment and media you need to make quick work of your boat-refinishing project. We have experience helping businesses and sailboat and powerboat owners choose the right equipment and blasting media for their refinishing needs.

If you’re wondering how to refinish a fiberglass boat, make note of the following steps:

  • Scrape off all loose flaking paint
  • Remove the remaining paint with an abrasive blaster
  • Sand the entire surface to be painted
  • Clean the surface with a marine solvent
  • Apply paint according to instructions

The abrasive blasting step is critical to get a smooth, attractive, long-lasting finish. Failure to remove the old, flaking paint can cause adhesion issues with the new paint and allow blisters and cracks to quickly form in the new paint. Choose our top-quality abrasive blasting machines that give you all the control and precision you need to carefully remove old paint without damaging the hull of your boat.

boat at sea

Added Value and Longevity

Refinishing a boat properly can add years to its life and increase the value. Experts know a smooth, clean finish is a sign the boat has been refinished properly. If you’re looking to save time and energy on your next fiberglass boat refinishing project or are equipping your business to offer boat refinishing services, our team here at Finishing Systems can help.

Contact us today and tell us about your boat refinishing application. We have the knowledge and experience with fiberglass boat refinishing to guide you in your section of abrasive media and blasting equipment. Invest in quality equipment so you can ensure all your boat refinishing projects are a success.

Fill in our online contact form to obtain a quotation or ask for more information. You can also give us a call and talk with one of our abrasive blasting experts to learn more. Come discover how Finishing Systems has become an industry leader in abrasive equipment for marine applications and your top choice in PA for all of your abrasive equipment and media needs!

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