Preparing a Truck Bed for Final Re-Painting

Preparing a Truck Bed for Final Re-Painting

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Do you have a truck bed that needs some TLC? It might be a late-model work truck that’s looking a little rough or an old classic pickup that you’re restoring to like-new condition. The sheer size of a truck bed makes it tricky for many refinishing companies to handle — not for Finishing Systems! We have the equipment necessary to handle even the largest truck beds. Our blasting equipment is adapted to many different sizes, shapes and configurations of parts and components — and it worked perfectly for a recent truck bed blasting.


The customer came in looking to strip the old paint finish from his truck bed. While hand sanding can work for small repairs and patches, sanding an entire bed would take a lot of time. Manual sanding also makes it hard to get into corners and bends and ensure all the old paint has been removed. Our abrasive blasting equipment is perfectly suited to this type of application, so we accepted the challenge of blasting the truck bed.

Treating Your Parts with Care

In the case of this classic truck, we knew it was important to take care not to damage the bed. Choosing the wrong abrasive media or blasting too long in one location can cause the metal to warp or distort and can even cut a hole right through it. Our experienced blast technicians proceeded with caution as they removed the old dirt and grime that had built up on the underside of the box and removed all the remaining paint.old truck bed

This truck bed was relatively free from rust, meaning it’s a perfect candidate for blasting and restoration. While we can also blast rustier boxes and automotive panels, in some cases you need to follow up by welding in new sections if the rust damage is too severe. For this customer, our blasting and cleaning got the truck bed back into perfect condition for paint prep and coating.

While we haven’t seen the finished truck back together yet; we’re hoping the owner stops back at our PA shop when the final re-painting is done. We take pride in every job we do, and taking part in a project as exciting as a classic truck restoration is always a pleasure. Having stripped the paint and dirt, we know the truck bed is ready for the next finishing steps. We’re sure the result will be a beautiful, glossy paint coat that will last for many years.

Truck Bed Blasting: Before and After

This truck bed was abrasive blasted by Finishing Systems to prepare the bed’s surface for final repainting. We removed the rust and old paint on the bed so that it is ready for a beautiful paint job.

truck bed before and after blasting


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Are you restoring an old vehicle and tired of sanding to remove dirt, rust and paint? Bring us your panels and we’ll make quick work of removing your old finish with our abrasive blast cabinet. Our expert blasters will choose the correct media to get all your paint off without damaging your panels and leave the surface perfect for the next finishing steps.

Contact us today using our online contact form or by phone to discuss your automotive restoration project. This recent truck bed stripping is proof we have the skills and expertise to handle any type of automotive stripping project. Choose Finishing Systems to get started on your project right away!

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