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Ceramic tumbling media offers an effective all-purpose mass finishing material that can be used for everything from cleaning and surface preparation to removing tool marks from cast or machined parts and components. Ceramic deburring, polishing and tumbling media is available in a wide variety of materials such as aluminum oxide, silicate, silicon carbide and tin oxide.

The relatively high density of these materials ensures remarkable finishing and grinding performance on all types of workpieces.

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Because of its high density, ceramic media is usually the best choice for heavy cutting applications and when working with harder metals. It’s also an excellent choice for deburring applications that require fast, aggressive metal removal.

There are also higher-density ceramic media that are ideal for applications requiring faster cycle times, as well as low-residue processes. These materials are heavier and more durable than most “standard” ceramic tumbling media types. Precision ceramic tumbling media work well for smaller parts or more intricate finishing jobs.


Ceramic media combines remarkable longevity with relatively low up-front purchasing costs to make it an extremely cost-effective metal finishing solution. The availability of numerous sizes, types and shapes gives you maximum flexibility when choosing the most appropriate material for your applications. This also helps to minimize common issues such as lodging and separation.

In addition, ceramic media gives you greater control over the aggressiveness of the cutting action — you can select the right balance between the speed of the cutting process and desired durability and longevity of the material.


Ceramic Tumbler Media Comes in Numerous Shapes

A unique characteristic of this abrasive tumbling media is that it comes in a wide assortment of shapes, which allows you to customize the material’s cutting capabilities to create the exact finish you need. Available shapes range from ceramic media tumbling triangles to ball cones, ovals, diagonals, wedges, pyramids and many others.

The type and grid grade also impact the finishing result — the two basic types include finished or shaped media and abrasive grit or grain.

Superior Ceramic Media Products and Services

Finishing Systems is pleased to offer high-quality ceramic tumbling media for deburring, polishing, tumbling and other metal finishing applications. We feature silicon carbide and aluminum oxide media in multiple shapes and grain sizes to meet and surface preparation and finishing jobs. We carry a wide selection of tumbling media for aluminum as well as tumbler media for steel so you never feel limited in terms of options for your application. You also have access to our more than 40 years of expertise to help you choose the right material for your needs.

Our expansive 24,000-square-foot York, PA facility includes a fully equipped job shop, enabling us to take on your project if you don’t have the equipment or resources to do it yourself. Our exceptional in-house capabilities can make outsourcing a reliable, cost-effective solution that allows you to focus on other areas of your operation.

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Learn more about the many advantages of making ceramic media a part of your metal finishing processes. Contact Finishing Systems for more information today.

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