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The precise application of the appropriate abrasive blast media can offer an extremely reliable, cost-effective method for employing common surface preparation and metal finishing techniques such as cleaning, deburring, scaling, rust removal and many others. Abrasive blasting equipment propels a stream of an abrasive material against the surface of a part by means of either a pressurized air flow (delivered by an air compressor) or by a motor driven wheel to produce the desired finish on a substrate.

Air and Wheel Blast Equipment Solutions

Finishing Systems is your headquarters for an extensive assortment of abrasive blasting supplies you need to get the job done in the most affordable, efficient manner. In addition to a large selection of abrasive blasting media such as glass beads, steel shot, steel grit, walnut shells and plastic materials, we also carry state-of-the-art air blasting equipment that will offer a significant return on your investment over time in the form of increased productivity, reduced operating costs and higher quality for your finished products. We offer a variety of air blast and wheel blast equipment solutions.

Air Blast Equipment

Generally used for the application of loose abrasive blast media, air blasting uses high-pressure compressed air to propel the media onto the surface of a part. This provides a reliable technique for a wide range of surface preparation and metal finishing processes such as shot peening, degreasing, cleaning, stripping and contaminant removal. Air blasting can also promote adhesion when painting or applying coatings.

At Finishing Systems, we offer all types of essential air blast equipment for sale including:

  • Air Blast Rooms: Controlled and environmentally clean blast rooms with abrasive recycling for high efficiency and high productivity operations.
  • Air Blast Tumble Equipment (1.5, 2.5, 3.0, 6.0 Cu. Ft.): Mill driven tumble blast machines with oscillating nozzles and cyclone separator and rubber lined chamber.
  • Portable Blasting Systems: Portable pressure pots in a range of sizes for increased productivity with any abrasive depending on your application. Available in preformatted packages (including remote controls, safety equipment, and respiratory accessories) or built to your specifications.
  • Blast Cabinets (Suction & Pressure): Cabinets in a range of sizes for any application. Available in economically priced suction (siphon) feed systems or in direct pressure style cabinets for those higher volume applications.
  • Bulk Blasting Systems: Bulk blasters are available as stationary systems or mounted on highway and yard trailers for total portability.
  • Blast and Recovery Systems: Blast systems that blast and vacuum simultaneously for removal of coatings, corrosion, and other materials in applications where traditional open-air blasting is prohibited or impractical.
  • Cryogenic Deflashing Systems: Cryogenic deflashing machines for rubber, plastic, diecast, magnesium and zinc components.
  • Wet Blast Equipment: Wet surface treatment process equipment, mixing abrasive with water thereby eliminating frictional heat; this surface preparation method deburrs by means of a scrubbing action verses impingement and abrasion found in dry blasting.

Wheel Blast Equipment

Wheel blasting is a means of propelling blasting abrasives against the surface of a part or workpiece by the controlled turning of a specially designed wheel via centrifugal force. Generally used with metallic abrasive blast media such as steel grit or steel shot, the process works by “throwing” the media from the wheel’s rotating blades onto the part surface. The wheel blasting technique is commonly used for processes such as deflashing, peening, scale and rust removal, surface cleaning, removal of paint and other coatings and peening. Wheel blast equipment is classified in terms of how the workpieces are introduced to the blast stream.

Our abrasive finishing systems include the following types of wheel blast equipment:

  • Tumble Blast Equipment: Continuous blast cycles with abrasive recycling. Available in rubber belt or steel flight models in a range of sizes to fit your needs.
  • Swing Table Blast: Manufactured in a range of sizes; with direct drive blast wheels and swing out process table for loading and unloading.
  • Table Blasters: Available in various sizes. Includes direct drive blast wheels and a fixed rotating table within the interior of the blast cabinet.
  • Spinner Hangers: Available in a variety of sizes with multiple indexing for efficient loading and unloading during a simultaneous blasting cycle. Includes direct drive blast wheels and rotating spindles.
  • Hanger Blast Equipment: Blast system fitted with trolleys mounted on manual Y-Track monorails. Direct drive blast wheels and available in optional oscillating blast wheels.
  • Cylinder Blasters: Blast systems designed to remove paint, and rust from cylinders.

In business since 1972, Finishing Systems has earned a reputation as one of the most respected metal finishing companies in the industry. Headquartered in York, PA, we’re able to serve the needs of companies in industries such as automotive and heavy equipment manufacturing. Our product offerings have expanded over the years to include a wide assortment abrasive blasting media and other essential abrasive blasting supplies. We keep our 30,000 Sq. Ft warehouse stocked with any abrasive for your blasting application. We’re also leading distributors of all replacement parts, safety equipment & accessories.

In addition to offering the best abrasive blasting equipment on the market, Finishing Systems has the expertise to help you maximize your abrasive blasting processes. We’re a full-service supplier that does much more than just sell equipment and materials. On staff trained service technicians are available for blast equipment service, installation and training.

Below is a video of a blast room/paint booth installation
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