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Industrial jewelry polishing is a tricky business. You need enough tumbling and abrasion to clean and polish, but not so much that it damages the jewelry. Here at Finishing Systems, we have more than 40 years of experience as a PA leader in polishing/tumbling equipment and understand the specific needs of our customers in the jewelry industry.


A tumbler for polishing jewelry needs to be designed and set up for the type of jewelry you’re handling. Our machines can be adjusted to give the best possible polish:

  • Cycle Time: This is how long your tumbler runs and will vary depending on the nature and complexity of your jewelry, as well as how it responds to tumble polishing.
  • Speed: The speed of our tumbling equipment can be adjusted to provide the perfect polish no matter what type of jewelry you’re polishing.
  • Polishing Media: With certain materials, a gentle abrasive media may be required to provide optimal polishing and ensure all surfaces of your jewelry are polished.

Our batch jewelry polishing will give you hours of reliable service and the right polish every time. Before you purchase your equipment, we make sure we’ve taken the time to understand your products and expectations so we can propose the perfect machines for your application. We’re proud to be the top source in PA for tumbling and polishing equipment and are sure we can find the right solution for your jewelry polishing requirements.

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A Full Polishing Solution

 When our customers contact us for jewelry polishing equipment, we make sure we understand exactly what result you’re looking for. Other sources may simply sell you tumbling equipment, but our experience tells us each type of jewelry requires a unique polishing procedure. We invite you to fill in our online contact form with details on your jewelry, including:

  • General size and shape
  • Materials
  • Hardness
  • Desired finish/polishing requirements

With this information, we can determine which type of machine is best suited to your needs. Our goal isn’t simply to sell you a piece of equipment — it’s to ensure you’re fully satisfied with your equipment purchase from Finishing Systems. The right jewelry polishing equipment can save you time and provide a better finish, increasing the value of your jewelry. Our expert team can help you choose, so tell us about your project today.

An Industry Leader for over four Decades

Not every tumbler supplier has the experience or knowledge to provide equipment and support for jewelry applications. Many industrial machines are too aggressive and damage the jewelry, or they can’t be fine-tuned to the right tumbling parameters. Here at Finishing Systems, we have the quality equipment you need and can make custom modifications so you have the control and fine-tuning you need for a perfect polish every time.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning about your jewelry polishing needs. Our friendly team is ready to help you, so contact us to get started finding the right equipment solution for your business today.

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