Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir Blasting and Paint Prep

Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir Blasting and Paint Prep

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At Finishing Systems, we never turn down a challenge. Recently, one of our customers came to us with a batch of metallic tanks to strip and prepare for repainting. Their small hydraulic tank reservoirs needed to have all the old paint removed and the surface prepped so the new paint would adhere properly. Thanks to our abrasive blasting experience and knowledge, we were able to make quick work of their tank stripping and ensure success at the next steps of the operation.


As with all our batch projects, we started by examining an example part or component. In this case, it was a small hydraulic fluid reservoir. While the tanks appeared relatively simple, the circumferential seam, neck and threaded inserts added complexity to the job. We never overlook any details and always plan our blasting jobs to account for all features and particularities of your products. Once we had determined the best blast method and abrasive grit to use, we went about planning to blast the entire batch.

What Is Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir Blasting and Paint Prep?

Hydraulic fluid reservoir blasting and paint prep involves shooting abrasive materials across component surfaces using specialized equipment. This abrasives blasting process is versatile, and you can use hydraulic fluid reservoir blasting for achieving several different goals with speed and efficiency, including:

  • Cleaning your reservoir: You can use hydraulic fluid reservoir blasting and paint prep to remove paint, rust, pollutants and other residues from your components.
  • Removing imperfections: Abrasives blasting is excellent for removing scratches, burrs, casting marks, scales and other surface imperfections from your reservoir.
  • Surface preparation: Hydraulic fluid reservoir blasting and paint prep is perfect for etching a fluid reservoir before painting to promote a strong bond with the new coat.

The right abrasives for the project depend on the condition of the reservoir, project goals and more. At Finishing Systems, we provide professional hydraulic fluid reservoir blasting and paint prep services using an extensive selection of media to achieve virtually any desired outcome.

Depending on the condition of your hydraulic fluid reservoir and your goals, the correct media for your project could include abrasives such as sand, glass, steel, plastic, ceramic and much more. For a greener solution, we offer natural blasting media options made using milled corn cob or crushed walnut shells.

How Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir Blasting Works

At Finishing Systems, we have a fully equipped in-house job shop for completing blasting projects of any size and scope. The blasting method and media for hydraulic fluid reservoir blasting and paint prep will vary for each request. Reservoir quantity and condition, and your end goals for the application will all impact the different steps involved in the project.before and after parts blasted

For every project, our team will assess your hydraulic fluid reservoirs to determine the best media and methods for the job. The techniques and equipment for blasting vary, but in most cases, abrasive blasting relies on compressed air to propel media toward the reservoir in a directed stream at a high rate of volume.

Using the correct media, we carefully clean and prep the reservoir for the successful application of a new coating, taking care to pass over the entire surface. The entire process is performed inside of a controlled space to maximize the collection and reuse of abrasives, saving costs on the project and limiting your impact on the environment.

The Advantages of Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir Blasting and Paint Prep

Hydraulic fluid reservoir blasting and paint prep is highly effective for cleaning, maintaining and preparing surfaces for finishing treatments. This process is exceptionally versatile and extends the lifespan of your components, removing a wide range of coatings and imperfections to leave them looking like new, eliminating the need for a replacement and reducing overhead costs.

When one uses the right processes and equipment, hydraulic fluid reservoir blasting is perfect for working quickly over large areas or accurate surface prep in small spaces. Hydraulic fluid reservoir blasting is an incredibly efficient method and allows surface preparation in a fraction of the time it would take using hand tools and other solutions.

Maximizing Efficiency for Batch Blasting

Blasting a single part is different from blasting multiple parts. When you bring us a batch of parts to prep for repainting, we think of the most efficient way to blast them all. That can involve creating a fixture or support to position each part in the same way. It can also require blasting on one portion of each part before reorienting them to provide access to another area. This time savings is passed on to you by way of lower costs.

Once we have a batch process established, we’re always ready when you have another batch of products to blast. We quickly stripped the old paint off all these fluid reservoirs thanks to our choice of abrasive grit. In this instance, we used a #54 grit aluminum oxide, which was aggressive enough to remove all the paint without warping or damaging the steel reservoirs. The #54 grit also gave the perfect surface finish for the re-painting steps.

For refinishing steel, you don’t want a perfectly smooth surface, but instead, microscopic roughness that allows the paint or powder coating to adhere and not flake off. For this distributor of hydraulic systems, the blasted surface of their reservoirs was exactly what they were looking for. We’re ready with the right equipment, media and process the next time they bring us a batch of tanks to strip.

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Check out our Steelshot & Grit page for more information on our aggressive blasting media for rugged steel applications. Contact us with all your questions and for more information. Tell us about your blasting requirements, and we’ll help you choose the right method for your metal finishing project.

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