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Finishing Systems was founded in the early 1970’s by Dean Keener.  Dean embodied the American dream. Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit he established Finishing Systems providers of metal finishing equipment and services. Since its inception the company has maintained its reputation as a company dedicated to providing exceptional service and results to its customers.  This commitment has sustained its success and growth into the 21st Century.

A History of Finishing Solutions

Our founder Dean Keener knew the metal finishing business from the bottom up.   Starting his career as a machinist for The Lord Chemical Company in 1955 he rose through the ranks of the industry. Lord Chemical was responsible for designing and building the very first Vibratory Finishing Machine sold in America to Ford Motor Company.  He eventually went on the road as a Field Service Technician installing and maintaining those very early machines. Dean’s knowledge and understanding of mechanics, electrical engineering, and equipment fueled his vision for the future.

Lord Chemical was eventually acquired by The Wheelabrator Corporation; A name synonymous with pioneering an industrial application and a line of equipment for the metal finishing industry.  In 1962 Dean joined the sales force at Wheelabrator and remained in their employ for several years.

Recognizing the need for competitive pricing and a more personalized business relationship, he founded his own company “Finishing Systems” which incorporated in 1972, and today is recognized as a leader in the metal finishing industry.  When the outsourcing needs of industry giants such as Caterpillar, Mack Trucks, Harley Davidson, and The Wilton Armetale® Company required it, Finishing Systems provided specialized services involving blasting and stripping, parts remanufacturing and assembly, packaging, distribution, and warehousing.

During the last 15 years Finishing Systems has expanded its product line and services by offering paint and powder spray booths, washers, environmental rooms, paint mixing rooms, air makeup systems, and ovens manufactured by Global Finishing Solutions, the world leader in paint booth technology.  Through the combined efforts of GFS and our knowledgeable sales team, Finishing Systems has been awarded many significant government contracts. Our custom designed systems can include blasting, washing, painting, and curing — resulting in a complete turnkey finishing solution.   

The factory and offices are proudly situated along Interstate I-83 between York and Harrisburg Pennsylvania making it a convenient resource for its distribution of abrasives and equipment.

In 2015, Dean’s eldest son, Cris Keener acquired the business and took over the daily management and business operations continuing Finishing Systems’ commitment for excellence well into the 21st Century and beyond.  

Today, Finishing Systems is recognized throughout the industry as a top provider of finishing solutions and products to large and small companies across the country.  We look forward to serving you.

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Located in York, PA, Finishing Systems brings the history and know-how to any finishing job or need. We are always a phone call away, (800) 582-3693. We are a growing company and make every effort to maintain adequate inventories to supply your needs.  Finishing Systems is known as a top provider of finishing solutions and products for large and small companies across the country. Get in touch with us today!

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