Industrial Washers

Industrial Washers

Industrial Washers


The vast selection of surface treatment equipment available at Finishing Systems includes an assortment of industrial parts washers and wash booths. Our washers can be used to pre-treat surfaces that are used for metal and plastic substrates in electroplating, as well as surface preparation in powder and liquid coating and autophoretic coating applications.

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Multi-Stage Industrial Washer Systems

We feature highly effective multi-stage industrial wash systems that can provide superior corrosion protection for parts such as automobile accessories, household appliances and office furniture. We can even customize the system to your exact specifications. Depending on your needs, your system can be comprised of various stages that can include chemical cleaning, water and/or seal rinsing, followed by phosphate stages and additional rinsing. Washing techniques can include spray, immersion or a combination of the two.


Washers Offering a Wide Range of Standard Features and Optional Equipment

Standard features offered with our industrial wash systems include stainless steel tanks and housing, CPVC pipes and related equipment including drains, vertical pumps, pressure gauges and thermometers, as well as user-friendly control panels to help you manage each stage of the washing process. Available options include oil separation and particle filtration systems, manual solution-level controls, access stairs and platforms and many more.


Finishing Systems Can Meet All of Your Industrial Washer Needs

When it comes to industrial washers, Finishing Systems can do it all. We can help you design a complete industrial wash system for your specific applications and provide the expert training that enables you to implement it effectively. We can also perform everything from routine maintenance to extensive repair work to keep your washer system operating at peak efficiency.

Contact us today to learn about the many ways a customized industrial washer system from Finishing Systems can help benefit your operation.

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