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Crushed Glass Media

Crushed Glass Media


For many blast applications, crushed glass is your best choice. Crushed glass, manufactured from 100% recycled bottle glass, offers the heavy-duty cutting action you may need for applications where an aggressive surface profiling is required. Crushed glass is also perfect for the removal of heavy coatings such as epoxy, paint, alkyds, vinyl, polyurea coal tar and elastomeric. The glass particles’ rough, sharp edges ensure a whiter, cleaner finish to the substrate. Crushed glass also provides superior rust back performance versus mineral / coal slag abrasives.

Moreover, to increase your business’s profitability, the lighter weight of crushed glass — when compared to heavier slags and mineral abrasives — means you end up using a less abrasive medium and having less material to throw away after use. As a matter of fact, many contractors report using as much as 30 to 50 percent less crushed glass than if they were using a comparable mineral abrasive or slag, which also adds up to reduced disposal costs.

Here at Finishing Systems, we carry a wide range of top-quality crushed glass media available in Coarse, Medium, Fine and Extra Fine. Our knowledgeable team can help you choose the right product to ensure you’re blasting in the most effective and economical way. Discover all of the advantages that come from choosing us as your abrasive media source, and take advantage of our competitive pricing and unbeatable customer service.

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An Environmentally Conscious Choice for Reducing Landfill Waste

Do you have experience with crushed glass as an abrasive blast media? If so, you know it’s ideal for many applications where you need to remove old coatings, paint layers, scale or rust. Crushed glass is also a popular choice for cleaning, paint removal and paint preparation, since the aggressive glass particles leave a clean and bare surface that’s ready for additional finishing.

You can choose from a number of different grits and compositions depending on your application and the materials you’re blasting. From its extra fine size — suitable for blasting aluminum, wood and fiberglass — to coarse particles that are able to remove heavy rust build-up and even barnacles, crushed glass has the same hardness as many slags — scoring 5.0 to 6.0 on the Mohs scale.

The Many Benefits of Crushed Glass

Compared to other blast media, crushed glass offers several advantages that help make it an obvious choice for your finishing needs:

  • It’s chemically inert so you don’t have to worry about any residues or ferrous deposits that can result in rust back.
  • It’s lighter in weight than many slags, allowing for increased consumption efficiency and production times.
  • It’s environmentally-friendly and appropriate for use near water.
  • With no free silica and its non-toxic chemical properties, it’s safer for your blaster’s health while reducing pollution risks.
  • It’s economical, since it can be reused and recycled over and over.
  • It allows for quick blasting, with no risk of significant metal removal.
  • It leaves an attractive matte finish, making it an ideal final finishing step.

Considering the heightened awareness of silicosis and newly published PEL silica levels, it’s good to know crushed glass reduces respiratory health issues. With no free silica, your workers are spared from exposure to heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, titanium and berylliumcommonly found in abrasives like Black Beauty® and copper slag. For many businesses, the health risks associated with silica-related blast media makes an alternative such as crushed glass an obvious choice. Add to that our great pricing here at Finishing Systems, and it’s easy to see why more and more customers are opting to buy this versatile blast media for their blasting applications.

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The best way to get a feel for our crushed glass blasting media and to determine if it will work for you is to request a free sample. We invite you to fill out our online contact form to obtain a free sample of crushed glass media or request more information. Our team can help you determine which abrasive blast media will work best for your application and prepare a quote for you.

Crushed glass may very well be the perfect blast media you’ve been looking for! Let us help you choose the right media to save you time with your operations and provide a better finish for your products.

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