Industrial Spray Booths

Industrial Spray Booths

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While the quality of a spray job relies mostly on the skill of the painter, the quality and performance of the spray booth also play an important role. Dust, dirt and other contamination can quickly ruin the work of the most talented sprayer, leaving marks and impurities in the paint. A lack of ventilation can also make spraying difficult, as overspray settles on previously-sprayed areas.


To give your business the best chance at painting success, equip yourself with a professional industrial spray booth. Here at Finishing Systems, we’re the PA leader in metal finishing equipment including spray booth systems. Our customers come from a variety of industries and choose us as their spray booth company for many different types of products, including:

  • Automobiles
  • Construction equipment
  • Manufactured parts and components
  • Furniture and woodworking
  • Metallic structures and frames

If you have large objects, vehicles or equipment that needs to be spray painted, an industrial paint spray booth is the way to go. You’ll save time and energy avoiding re-sprays and clean up, allowing you to increase your cycle time. Check out any professional industrial, manufacturing or restoration business, and you’ll see they’re equipped with the right paint equipment to guarantee a clean, consistent job. If you’re in PA, the chances are that equipment came from Finishing Systems!

The Many Benefits of Upgrading Your Spray Booth

 A quality spray booth is a big plus for any business that does regular spraying. It doesn’t matter if you’re spraying steel, aluminum, wood, plastic or a composite — adequate ventilation offers many benefits:

  • You have a better view of what you’re spraying
  • There are fewer fumes to irritate you
  • Less overspray settles in your room or on your products
  • Dust and dirt is kept out of your spray booth

Old spray booths can be hard or even impossible to seal against outside contamination. Many times, old, worn seals, filters, extraction motors and recirculation systems simply can’t keep up with your spray volume. If your spray booth is causing you quality problems, it’s time to upgrade to a newer high-performance industrial spray booth.

We’re Your PA Source for Industrial Spray Booths

spray gun being sprayed

Our team here at Finishing Systems can help. We’ve been working for more than 40 years supplying metal finishing businesses across the state with the equipment they need to get the job right. Gain an advantage over the competition by choosing one of our top-quality spray booths for your automotive, woodworking or other business and discover the advantages of using a truly professional spray booth.

Take a minute to contact our dedicated team today, and we’ll answer any questions you might have. We can give you information on our different industrial spray booths and help you choose the right model for your business. We can also tell you about the different features available with each model and determine the types of ventilation, sealing, lighting and other accessories you need. Visit us to find out what a difference an advanced industrial spray booth for painting can make.


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