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One of the biggest challenges manufacturers face is selecting the right abrasive blasting media for their metal finishing processes. Plastic blast media makes an excellent choice for many industrial applications.

Plastic abrasive is characterized as a less aggressive media than most other abrasives making it ideally suited for blasting on softer substrates and commonly used for the deflashing of plastic components, mold cleaning, the removal and cleaning of anti-corrosion coatings, hydrocarbon deposits, waxes, adhesives, and sealants. High durability, Free of Silica, no residual deposits results in a highly effective cost-effective media choice.

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Plastic Blast Media Characteristics

Angular, Lightweight Material

Plastic media is an angular, lightweight material that can be produced in varying levels of hardness to meet a wide range of metal finishing requirements. This makes it ideally suited for removing organic coatings without damaging the underlying component surface.

A Preferred Choice for Stripping

Plastic is a preferred choice for stripping and cleaning applications involving aluminum composites and other delicate materials.

High Velocity Applications

The light weight of the plastic particles enables the plastic media blasting equipment to apply the material at a high velocity without significant mass, allowing for an extremely fast stripping process.

Industry Applications

Industries Best Suited for Plastic Abrasives

  • Automobile Industry
  • Trucks and Trailers

PBCM Grades

PCBM Grades:

Part Number Grade Density MOHS Hardness Barcol Hardness
Type II Urea Medium 1.5 g/cc 3.5 54-62
III Melamine Hard 1.50 g/cc 4.0 64-74
V Acrylic Medium 1.15-1.20 g/cc 3.2-3.5 46-54

PBCM Particle Sizes:

U.S. Standard Sieve Inches Millimeters
12/16 0.066-0.047 1.70-1.18
16/20 0.047-0.033 1.18-0.85
20/30 0.033-0.023 0.85-0.60
30/40 0.023-0.016 0.60-0.42
40/60 0.016-0.010 0.42-0.25
60/80 0.010-0.007 0.25-0.18

Applications, Grades, Packaging


  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Boating
  • Burr Removal
  • Composites
  • Deflashing
  • Die Castings
  • Engines
  • Maintenance
  • Molds
  • Plastic Parts

PBCM Grades:

  • Mill Spec
  • Automotive
  • Industrial

PBMC Packaging:

  • Boxes – 50 lbs. net
  • Fiber Drums – 250 lbs. net

What Are the Types of Plastic Abrasive Media?

There are two basic types of plastic media: urea-methanal and resin-bonded polyester. Urea-methanal is the gentler of the two types and is regarded as synthetic media that can produce a bright, reflective finish on materials that will not undergo an additional electroplating step as part of the finishing process.

Resin-bonded polyester produces a smoother finish and results in very good anodizing, which increases the thickness of the oxide layer on the surface of the substrate.

Common Plastic Media Blasting Applications (Stripping and Cleaning) and Industries

Plastic abrasive media is now the preferred choice for paint stripping applications in the automotive industry. Most plastic media are harder than paint but softer than the thin gauge sheet metals used to manufacture automotive parts such as hoods, fenders and frames. Thus, the plastic media blasting process will cut, shear and lift the paint without damaging the part surface.

And since plastic media blasting is a dry process, there is no residual flash rust and no concerns about warping or pitting.

Finishing Systems is Your Source for Effective and Durable Plastic Media

Whether your applications call for plastic part deflashing, stripping or cleaning, Finishing Systems has the right plastic blast media for the job. Our offerings include Type-2 Urea, Type-3 Melamine and Type-5 Acrylic compositions. Each has its advantages and benefits in the proper application. Please consult us for details.

Finishing Systems carries a large selection of polycarbonate, polyamide and polystyrene plastic media for many different applications. Media is available in several particle sizes and a wide range of hardness and density ranges to ensure you achieve the specific results you desire. Our plastic media delivers numerous benefits to your operation including:

  • No dust, toxins or residue
  • Superior longevity and durability
  • No damage to parts or equipment
  • Ability to withstand high air blast pressures and wheel speeds
  • Fast-working high-impact particles that won’t lodge in parts or machinery
  • Consistent results
  • Cost-effective

Rigorous Quality Control Process

Finishing Systems offers only the best plastic media that undergoes an intensive quality control process to verify consistency in size, density, weight and anti-static properties. This ensures your product will meet and exceed your expectations in the key areas of performance, durability and reliability.

Headquarters for Plastic Blasting Media Supplies and Equipment

Finishing Systems carries all the plastic media blasting equipment you need for a fast, efficient, cost-effective finishing process. You’ll find everything from air blast rooms and tumble equipment to portable blasting systems, blast cabinets and much more.

You can also count on our more than 40 years of experience to help you select the right plastic blasting media supplies for your applications.

More Than Four Decades of Surface Cleaning, Preparation and Finishing Experience

Incorporated in 1972, Finishing Systems is a York, PA-based metal finishing solutions provider. In addition to offering a wide selection of plastic blast media and equipment, we can provide superior air blasting service for companies that prefer to outsource the process. Our 24,000-square-foot facility includes a fully equipped blast finishing job shop where we perform expert plastic deflashing, stripping and cleaning processes. We can produce a finished product that meets your specifications.

All work is performed by our team of highly skilled technicians who make quality their number one priority.

Don’t take chances with something as important as the quality of the finish of your metal parts and components. Contact us to learn more about our cost-effective plastic media solutions today!

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