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While many types of abrasive media are made using “softer” materials such as plastic, glass beads and even organic materials such as corn cobs and walnut shells, certain blasting processes call for more rugged, durable media that can handle heavy-duty surface preparation and finishing tasks. In particular, shot and steel grit abrasives will provide the extra strength and durability that is needed for the most difficult abrasive blasting challenges.

Look no further than Finishing Systems for a complete line of safe and effective steel abrasives, including steel shot and grit. We offer the best steel shot and steel grit solutions for companies in industries such as auto manufacturing, metallurgy, construction and petrochemical manufacturing. Both available in a wide range of sizes and hardness levels. Allow us an opportunity to assist you with the proper steel shot/grit selection for your application and to use it in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Steel Shot

Shot is ideal for the deburring, and peening of stampings and fabrications. Its characteristics are perfect for removing corrosion from the surfaces of machinery and equipment. Cast steel shot is commonly used in the deflashing of aluminum die castings; and can eliminate release agent build-up on molds.

  • Also available in custom pre-blended Work Mixes of any size and ratio.
  • Packaging : 2000# drums – 50# Bags – Super Sacks

Applications & Industries

Common Applications & Industries

  • Abrasive shot peening
  • Structural steel fabricators
  • Ballast material & shot bags
  • Shipbuilding
  • Pipe manufacturers
  • Farm implement manufacturer
  • Foundries – automotive and non-automotive
  • Forging industry
  • Testing and engineering facilities
  • Nuclear shielding
  • Air blast or wheel blast abrasive cleaning
  • Automotive remanufacturing & rebuilders
  • Counterweights
  • Heat treating
  • Drum re-conditioners
  • Tent weights
  • Die Casting and Investment casting
  • Aluminum die casters & sand foundries
  • Concrete floor blasting & block manufacturing
  • Radiation shielding

Hardness Ranges

Steel Shot is available in a variety of Hardness Ranges

(S) Standard 40-48 HRC

Safe for use in Centrifugal wheel machines – excellent choice for surface preparation.

(M) Medium 47-56 HRC

More aggressive than standard: suitable in air blast & wheel blast applications.

(L) Hard 54-61 HRC

Provides a proper balance of cleaning, speed, & durability

(H) X-Hard 60 + HRC

Most aggressive media, Full hard for fast cleaning & heavy scale removal & stone cutting-no rounding

Steel Shot Blasting Media

A steel shot abrasive consists of small, spherical pellet-type projectiles that are often made from carbon steel. Steel shot is widely used in various sheet peening and polishing applications and typically provides a smoother, more polished surface than many other types of blasting media. Another key steel shot blasting media benefit is its very high recyclability – because it can be over and over again, steel shot helps to minimize blasting media costs. Additionally, steel shot abrasive material produces a low amount of dust during the blasting process, which results in a more environmentally friendly worksite and reduces the amount of time spent on post-blasting cleanup.

Contact Finishing Systems today to learn more about our steel shot and steel grit blasting products and services. We can also provide a no-obligation quote.

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We Feature Steel Shot Blasting Media from Metaltec

Finishing Systems is proud to offer steel shot abrasives from Metaltec Steel Abrasive Co. Headquartered in Canton, MI, Metaltec features a state-of-the-art melting operation that is light years ahead of what competing companies have to offer. Metaltec steel shot and other abrasive media are used widely in operations ranging from automotive manufacturing and shipbuilding to drum reconditioning and farm implementation manufacturing.

Our Metaltec line of Cast Steel Shot from is manufactured to SAE J2175 specification and is available in sizes ranging from S-780 through S-70.

Steel Shot Abrasive Featuring a Revolutionary Bainite Microstructure

Our Metaltec line of cast steel shot has a unique bainite microstructure. It’s lower carbon and higher manganese chemical composition results in a product characterized by its longer wear life.

Metaltec’s shot meets SAE hardness specifications as-cast and does not require the additional tempering found with the Martensitic proces – in fact, Metaltec is the only U.S. manufacturer that can produce bainite abrasives that comply with SAE requirements. By omitting this tempering process, Metaltec’s steel shot will be free of micro cracks and will wear at a controlled rate while maintaining its overall shape and uniformity….giving it SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE.



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