Outdoor Lighting Pole Blast Finishing and Etching

Outdoor Lighting Pole Blast Finishing and Etching

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Here at Finishing Systems, we’re always looking for ways to add value to our metal finishing services. Our Pennsylvania customers come to us with a wide variety of products and components in search of efficient and reliable solutions for cleaning, stripping and prepping. Recently, we were approached by a customer looking to prepare a large quantity of outdoor lighting poles for final coating.


Due to their sheer size, not every metal finishing shop could handle the job. Our experienced team had the skills and equipment necessary to blast finish the lighting poles and etch them so the surface was ready for final painting or powder coating, as necessary. Right from the start, we took the time to sit down with the customer, a leading local lighting manufacturer, to understand their requirements and expectations and define the right procedure for blasting their metallic light poles.

Taking the Right Steps for a Consistent Finish

When we’re prepping parts like these outdoor lighting poles, we always think about what end result you need in terms of cleanliness and surface finish. Subsequent painting and powder coating operations require just the right finish so the coatings can adhere properly. We also must avoid damaging the surface or creating holes in thinned areas.

In this case, we discussed the project in depth with the lighting manufacturer. They outlined the surface finish and cleanliness requirements we had, which allowed us to choose the blasting method and media. We chose a grain that would strip off any impurities and prep the surface for the following steps. Despite their long length, we treated these lighting poles in our abrasive blasting job shop, which is equipped with advanced blasting equipment.

Our blaster allows us to fine-tune our abrasive media guns to just the right pressure and speed so we strip the surface without damaging the parent metal. Once the poles were completely stripped, we proceeded to a chemical etching process. This removes all residues and creates a microscopically rough surface that allows paint and other coatings to adhere very well. Once the poles were etched and cleaned, they were ready for the customer to send for painting/coating.

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The Perfect Process for Your Products

Every blasting project is unique. Just as we did with this lighting manufacturer, we’ll sit down with you and go over the particularities of your blasting and etching project, including your materials, surface finish requirements and whether you’ll be painting or coating your products afterward. Once we have the answers to these questions, we can determine the right steps to take in our job shop.

We invite you to check out the services we have available here at Finishing Services. You can also contact us with any questions or to get a quote. No project is too big or unique for us to tackle, so let us know today how we can blast and prep your products for reliable and consistent results.

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