When to Use Starblast™ Abrasives

when to use starblast abrasives

When to Use Starblast™ Abrasives

Updated: March 21, 2022

Handling Starblast™ media requires the right timing for the right applications. Consisting of a loose blend of coarse and fine Staurolite sands, this material is optimal for blasting mineral deposits, dust, ultrafines and dirt. You can use these abrasives for general-purpose blasting — everything from removing rust and mill scale to fabricating steel and cleaning hydraulic equipment.

Starblast™ media offers several advantages for operations, and it’s essential to know when to apply it for your work.

When to Use Starblast™ Abrasives For Your Finishing Projects

Starblast™ blasting abrasives are an excellent choice in these common scenarios.

1. When You Need More Visibility

If your process requires better visibility to monitor your progress and ensure you’re completing the job effectively, Starblast™ abrasives could be a good option. They generate low levels of dust during use, providing better blasting visibility for precision finishing.

2. When You Want a More Effective Blasting Process

Starblast™ media can help you work more efficiently throughout the blasting process, so it’s ideal when you need to save time and labor. This solution provides more efficient cleaning while decreasing blasting times, helping you finish the job sooner without compromising quality.

3. When You Want to Reduce Material Costs

Another key reason to use Starblast™ solutions is if you need to cut down on material costs. The abrasives are reusable, allowing you to handle multiple jobs at a lower total material cost.

4. When You Need a Nonconductive Metal

When you’re working with electrical applications, you may require a nonconductive abrasive material to ensure operating safety. Starblast™ media is fully electrically nonconductive, helping you accomplish operating requirements effectively.

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Get the Starblast™ Media Supplies You Need

Finishing Systems offers a range of premium blasting and finishing media to handle your critical operational needs. If you’re looking for dependable Starblast™ abrasives for your finishing needs, we can help. Since 1972, we’ve prioritized building personalized business relationships with our clients and supplying critical equipment and materials at competitive prices.

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