Why Is Paint Stripping Necessary?

Painter painting with spray gun. Dark background.

Why Is Paint Stripping Necessary?

March 20, 2019

When you’re working with metal, wood and other materials, paint stripping is often an important part of the job. Whether you’re looking to repaint your building’s exterior or are repurposing items for a project, paint stripping gets the material ready for a fresh coat.

When to Strip Paint

Do you have to strip paint before repainting? That depends on your project. Some people choose to skip this important step, but they’re missing out on some of the benefits paint stripping provides. Both individuals and businesses have situations where they need to paint strip, and removing old paint gives you a fresh start and a more even new coat of paint.

Many people choose to paint strip if the old coat was lead-based paint. It was only in more recent years that researchers understood how dangerous lead paint can be to your health. Newer regulations don’t allow lead-based paints, but you may still be working with things that were made before these regulations. Paint stripping removes any traces of these types of paints for a better, safer finish.

Another reason for paint stripping is to correct a poor past paint job. If the paint was applied unevenly, if it faded over time or if there is a great deal of wear and tear, clearing that old paint off first will make the new coat go on much better and give a more uniform, polished and finished look.

How to Strip Paint

There are a few different methods of paint stripping. Some you can try yourself, and others are better suited to be done by professionals.

A common method is scraping or wire-brushing off the old paint, keep in mind that the paint shavings need to be properly cleaned up and disposed of. Additionally, be sure to properly protect yourself with adequate safety gear, also available through Finishing Systems. Depending on the application a face mask may be all that’s required to avoid breathable dust. Be sure to adequately safeguard yourself by considering the respiratory effects of your chemical paint stripper or dust.

Trust Your Paint Stripping to the Professionals at Finishing Systems

Many think that stripping the paint themselves will save time and money, but this isn’t always the case. In particular, if metals are what you need to strip an old layer of paint from, there are other methods that professionals use to effectively and efficiently complete the process. At Finishing Systems, our team employs our various types of abrasive blasting equipment to achieve superior paint stripping services.  Whether you decide to forge ahead with stripping yourself, or if  you outsource the work we have the abrasives to do the job.

Our professionally built abrasive blast equipment is also sold or employed in our job shop to efficiently and professionally clean your parts.

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