What Do Industrial Ovens Do?

what do industrial ovens do

What Do Industrial Ovens Do?

Updated: December 22, 2023

An industrial oven is a crucial part of any production process. Walk-in ovens complete heating treatments and accomplish other tasks for numerous industries — in both large- and small-scale applications.

Multiple types of industrial ovens are available to suit every need and industry. Owning an industrial oven is an essential step in the manufacturing process, as it can treat many different-sized components with various purposes.

Knowing the purpose of an industrial oven will help you find the best one for creating an efficient manufacturing process for your products.

What Is an Industrial Oven?

Industrial ovens are heated chambers that utilize a range of different heat treatment processes. Walk-in ovens are a key part of every production process. Depending on the application, you can use one of two main types of industrial ovens:gfs

  • A batch oven: A batch oven is also known as a walk-in oven, which heats a group of products at once so all the items undergo the same heat treatment process. The “batch” is inserted in the oven on a cart or tray, making it easy to switch between product groups.
  • A continuous oven: A continuous oven is most often used in mass production settings because it is a consistent heating environment. It also features different heating and cooling chambers for a fast-tracked process.

Industrial Oven Uses

Industrial ovens can be used for both large and small applications. Walk-in ovens can create powder coatings and cure, dry or bake components of a final product. They’re necessary for numerous industries, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, automotive manufacturing and food production.

Their use across various sectors makes them a widely employed tool crucial for producing multiple products. Some common applications for industrial ovens in these fields include:

  • Baking pill coatings: In the pharmaceutical industry, industrial ovens bake coatings onto pills and burn off excess chemicals with thermal oxidizers.
  • Drying equipment and other materials: Industrial ovens also dry laboratory equipment and cure tablets in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Sterilizing medical instruments: In the medical sector, industrial ovens sterilize medical devices and decontaminate other medical supplies, such as syringes and scalpels.
  • Heat-treating materials: Industrial ovens also heat-treat numerous materials to achieve a specific effect, such as aging, tempering and annealing. These heat treatments can increase the materials’ durability or ductility.


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