Sandblasting Media Types

sandlbalsting media types

Sandblasting Media Types

January 05, 2023

Sandblasting is a time-efficient procedure that uses compressed air to blast surfaces with a gritty substance in preparation for the finishing process. Since one can use sandblasting for tasks ranging from removing rust to prepping for powder-coating, the type of sandblasting media you use will also vary between projects. Different media fits distinct purposes, and knowing the benefits of each media type helps ensure your project is successful.

Sandblasting Media Guide: What Type of Media Should You Use?

Generally, the type of media you should consider will depend on your project and the media’s specific properties, as its shape, size, hardness and density will affect its suitability for various tasks. Depending on the material you select, you can achieve different surface textures to fit specific needs.

Types of Sandblasting Media

Some of the most common sandblasting media types are:

  • Steel shot and grit: Steel shot and steel grit are excellent for abrasive blasting work and can remove tough coatings like epoxy.
  • Glass beads: Glass beads are available in various sizes and are great for metallic surfaces that need to maintain their dimensions.
  • Black beauty: As coarser media, black beauty is perfect for automotive and industrial projects.
  • Aluminum oxide: Aluminum oxide is durable and low-cost, making it an excellent choice for deburring and removing oxide finishes.
  • Silicon carbide: As one of the hardest materials available, silicon carbide helps polish hard substances like granite.
  • Staurolite: Use staurolite abrasives for stripping coatings from steel and mechanical components.
  • Plastics: Plastics are less aggressive and are ideal for blasting soft substances as well as removing mold and corrosion.
  • Walnut shells: Black walnut shells are a gentler abrasive and are helpful for delicate applications such as cleaning and polishing.
  • Corn cobs: Ground corn cobs are also an excellent sandblasting material and can remove grime, grease and some coatings without scratching a surface.

Choose Finishing Systems for Your Abrasives and Sandblasting Equipment

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