Nu-Soft Steel Shot

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Nu-Soft Steel Shot

Updated: December 22, 2023

A number of abrasives are used specifically for metal parts that are softer or more delicate than others. Naturally, these delicate metal parts need an abrasive that is both effective and designed to be less intensive in order to maintain the integrity of the metal itself.

That’s why Nu-Shot Steel Shot is among the most popular abrasives in such cases. Continue reading to find a Nu-Shot Steel Shot definition, as well as information on Nu-Shot Steel Shot benefits and how it compares to other abrasives. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Finishing Systems to learn more.

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What is Nu-Soft Steel Shot?

Nu-Soft Steel Shot is a metallurgically enhanced cast steel shot that was developed for cleaning soft, delicate metal parts in standard centrifugal wheelblast type machines or in pressure style blast cabinets.

Nu-Soft is spherical in shape with a hardness of between 12 and 15 Rockwell C (less than 200 HV). Ultra-low in carbon its density is slightly greater than 7g/cc. Nu-Soft is very durable with more than twice the life of standard SAE grades of cast steel shot and almost one thousand times the life of some competing abrasive media.

Nu-Soft is made from virgin, premium grade cast steel shot – no other materials are added during the manufacturing process. Only fully round shot particles are found in a batch of Nu-Soft Steel Shot. Once in the manufacturing furnace the chemistry of the shot is closely modified for peak performance. The Nu-Soft Steel Shot particles are used in tandem with pressure-type air cabinets or wheel-type blast machines to achieve the perfectly clean surface that soft and delicate metal parts need during the manufacturing or re-manufacturing process.

before nusoft
Before Nu-Soft Blasting
after nusoft
After Nu-Soft Blasting







Sizes Available in Nu-Soft Steel Shot

  • NS70
  • NS110
  • NS170
  • NS230
  • NS330

The Benefits of Nu-Soft Steel Shot

What are the specific Nu-Soft Steel Shot benefits? When you choose these particles for cleaning soft metals, you enjoy the following:

  • Premium-grade performance: Nu-Soft Steel Shot is among the most advanced abrasives you can choose for cleaning. It is custom-designed and engineered for specific applications, and the product itself is incredibly effective at getting the job done in those specific applications.
  • Safety during use: The best part about using Nu-Soft Steel Shot is that your parts remain perfectly safe. You are able to clean and polish delicate pieces without damaging tapped hole threads, texturized surfaces, intricate details, machined surfaces and other important features.
  • Environmentally friendly: Nu-Soft Steel shot is a non-hazardous material and will not in and of itself generate a hazardous waste. Dust collector dust can be disposed of as with any standard abrasive blast waste. Be sure to keep your dust collector free of build-up by cleaning it regularly.

Of course, you may find other benefits related to using Nu-Soft Steel Shot for your project.

before and after

Industries for Nu-Shot Steel Shot Applications

  • Auto Parts Rebuilding
  • Truck Transmission Rebuilding
  • Aluminum Die Casting
  • Aluminum Extruders
  • Mold Cleaning
  • Investment Casting
  • Fastener Manufacturers
  • Compressor Rebuilders
  • Coatings Removal
  • Paint Removal
  • Stamping Operations
  • Paint Fixtures
  • Disc Brake Calipers
  • Powdered Metal Gear

What Nu-Shot Steel Shot Can Do

  • Remove heat treat scale from sintered powder metal parts
  • De-flash aluminum die castings
  • Deburr delicate stampings and fabrications
  • Remove corrosion from machines surfaces
  • Remove ash residue from caustic bath solutions
  • Clean ceramic from intricate investment castings
  • Eliminate build-up of releasing agents from molds

before nusoft after nusoft







Ready for the Benefits of Nu-Soft Steel Shot?

If you’re ready to unlock the benefits of Nu-Soft Steel Shot, choose Finishing Systems for the cleaning and polishing of soft or delicate metal parts. We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to each of our projects, and we use a range of abrasives to deliver the desired results — Nu-Soft Steel Shot included. We work quickly so you have access to the finished parts you need — exactly when you need them.

Contact us today to learn more about using Nu-Soft Steel Shot to clean and polish your softest, most delicate metal parts.

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