Finishing Systems Finishes New York Jets Guacamole Bowl

Guacamole Bowl Blasted

Finishing Systems Finishes New York Jets Guacamole Bowl

Updated: October 17, 2023

On Sunday, September 8, 2019, the New York Jets went up against the Buffalo Bills in their first football game of the season. This may have been a game like any other, but we at Finishing Systems played a large part in making it one to remember.

This year, the Jets have partnered up with major avocado business, Avocados from Peru. They debuted the partnership at their game by creating a 9,000-pound bowl of guacamole, which is currently the world record. For this event, we blasted the bowl using glass impact beads and a Starblast™ abrasive.

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Blasting the Guacamole Bowl

The bowl used for the presentation of Avocados from Peru’s guacamole was manufactured by Airside Inc. with stainless steel. As a 9 ft by 5 ft large structure, this bowl was built to hold impressive amounts of guacamole for a wide audience. Avocados from Peru provided guacamole during the event to everyone in attendance at the game.


after blasting

While Airside Inc. built the bowl, we added protective and aesthetic touches using our company’s blasting techniques and materials we offer on our website. Blasting allows us to manipulate the shape or texture of a steel surface while also removing any imperfections or undesired materials from the surface. The blasting process was necessary to help prepare the bowl for such a heavy-duty job on the day of the game.

How Blasting Works

For the stainless steel guacamole bowl project, we used two main forms of blasting to finish the project, which included Starblast™ abrasive blasting and glass bead blasting. There are multiple types of blasting that can be used for many different applications, but most of these types involve a similar process. Abrasive blasting is an effective means to abrade the surface of a substrate to impart a particular finish, clean it, or remove surface imperfections.

Through a two-step process of abrasive blasting with Starblast™ and glass beads the stainless steel part is imparted with a smooth, finished appearance and texture that many products and pieces of equipment need to maximize functionality. Here’s how Starblast™ abrasives and glass beads work in the industrial setting:

  • Starblast™ Abrasives: Starblast™ abrasives are sandblasting materials that come in the form of tiny Staurolite sand grains. These sands are ideal for a wide variety of processes that require abrasives, from equipment maintenance to the removal of rust on metals. The advantages of these blasting abrasives are that they are easy to reuse, and they produce very little dust during production and maintenance. They also contain an extremely a minimal amount of silica, which makes them suitable for applications across many industries.
  • Glass Beads: Like Starblast™ abrasives, glass beads can be reused multiple times and act as a high-quality solution for stainless steel products. We use Ballotini® Impact Beads with many equipment and product surface applications, such as clearing away blemishes and contaminants. If you need a smooth, soft finish on your equipment, glass beads are the tools to do the most reliable job.


close up after blasting

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At Finishing Systems, we offer many different types of abrasives and other types of finishing equipment for use within industries across the board. If you’ve seen the Jets and Avocados of Peru guacamole bowl, you likely know we have the experience and skills to provide efficient, dependable equipment and services for all your blasting needs.

Contact us now to learn more about the selection of products we have available, including glass bead and Starblast™ abrasives. We’ll be happy to work with you on any of your latest finishing projects!