Using Sandblasting Recovery Systems for Blast Media Recycling

Using Sandblasting Recovery Systems for Blast Media Recycling

Updated: May 9, 2023

Abrasive media blasting offers an efficient, reliable method for preparing metal surfaces for other processes like powder-coating and painting. The technique involves propelling various media like sand, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide and steel shot onto the substrate under high pressure. Use it to remove grease, oil, dirt, corrosion and other contaminants quickly, effectively and safely.

Can You Reuse Sandblasting Sand and Other Abrasive Media?

One advantage of deploying abrasive blasting for surface preparation is that you can often recycle and reuse the media. Reduce your company’s material costs and save the time and hassle of purchasing new supplies. You’ll also be doing your part to protect the environment by conserving resources.

Recycling Abrasive Media With a Blast Recovery System

If you’re recycling blast media, properly cleaning it with a blast recovery system before reusing it can be extremely beneficial. First, it can greatly reduce consumable expenses. Abrasive media like steel grit can be used hundreds of times, saving hundreds to thousands of dollars.

A blast recovery system consists of specially designed equipment that provides a reliable, cost-effective solution for gathering and processing various types of abrasive media to prepare it for recycling and reuse. It allows you to complete your blasting projects more efficiently while saving time and labor.

Benefits of Using a Blast Recovery System

Utilizing a blast recovery system for recycling and reusing abrasive media can add value to your business in several ways:

  • Minimizes process steps: These systems recover the spent media as you execute your abrasive blasting projects. Minimize waste without adding another step or pulling your workers away from other essential tasks.
  • Accommodates customization: Abrasive blasting can require different levels of compressed air to achieve the desired result. Most recovery systems enable you to tailor their operation to match the air supply, optimizing the outcome for your projects.
  • Promotes a cleaner working environment: The recovery system removes dust and debris as it cleans the reusable media, improving the air quality within your facility and creating a healthier atmosphere for your employees. You can also move your blasting operation into an enclosed area to comply with stringent environmental regulations.

In order to recover blast media for reuse, there are several options available.

Abrasive Blast Cabinet With a Vacuum Recovery System

There are two types of vacuum sandblasting recovery systems, one of which allows you to blast and then use a vacuum attachment to pick up the spent media. This allows for more media recovery and is one of the quickest recovery methods. However, this system uses a lot of compressed air and is therefore limited to less abrasive media. This system is the fastest and best for portable media recovery.

The other method uses vacuum recovery that operates continuously to suction media. While this method is slower than the other because the system is blasting and vacuuming at the same time, it prevents media spillage and is best for smaller or indoor work that must keep sandblasting dust generation to a minimum.

Mechanical or Pneumatic Blast Media Recovery System

Similarly, there are also two mechanical and pneumatic recovery systems. The pneumatic system delivers the sandblast media to a reclaimer through the movement of air. It then filters out anything too small or foreign for the blaster and returns the reclaimed media to a sandblast pot so it can be blasted again. These systems are great for abrasive media such as glass beads, plastics, aluminum oxide and smaller steel grit sizes.

A mechanical sandblasting recovery system is most commonly used with steel grit, as it is able to easily deliver the heavy media to a blast pot. This option is best when recycling highly abrasive blast media.

Why Choose Finishing Systems?

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Why Choose Finishing Systems?