Benefits to Vibratory Finishing

vibratory finishing

Benefits to Vibratory Finishing

Updated: December 22, 2023

As a common finishing method in the manufacturing industry, vibratory finishing is an efficient process used to optimize all types of small products and parts. Vibratory finishing machines help you clean and deburr products at a faster pace. A combination of speed and quality is essential in mass production processes, which is why we offer vibratory finishing services for your industrial needs.

From spiral bowl finishers to vibratory long radius finishing systems, there are many different deburring options to choose from — and they each offer a variety of cost and productivity benefits.

What Is the Vibratory Finishing Process?

Vibratory finishing is a type of finishing that involves a bowl or tub. This process is unique because it requires you to place a large volume of parts into the bowl and let the parts vibrate inside it. The vibratory function causes friction, making the pieces rub against an abrasive medium until they lose their rough edges and achieve the desired texture.

Vibratory finishing machines are designed to create smooth, consistent finishes for multiple parts and products at a time. They’re useful for cleaning, deburring and polishing products that must meet specific quality standards. Depending on the project, you may choose to use either wet or dry vibratory finishing. The wet process requires the use of water, which can often be treated and recycled for other applications.

How You Can Benefit From Vibratory Finishing Services

Manufacturers can enjoy a variety of advantages when they invest in vibratory finishing services. Benefits of using this method of polishing include:

  • Low Costs: One of the main benefits of using vibratory finishing machines is that they’re more cost-effective than other types of finishing equipment. With the vibratory process, it’s easier to clean and deburr large quantities of parts at a time, which expedites operations and saves money on equipment.

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  • Low Maintenance: In addition to being highly efficient and productive, vibratory finishing machines require little maintenance. Their reliability means you can take on more work without having to stop frequently for repairs and cleanings. Maximum uptime results in better cost savings and more orders fulfilled.
  • Versatility: Vibratory finishing machines are incredibly versatile, capable of polishing up plastics, ceramics, steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and more. These machines are also customizable according to your needs. Whatever the shape or size of your material, we can provide a solution that works.
  • Compatibility With Fragile Products: While the vibratory finishing process requires a high level of friction to clean and deburr parts, it’s designed to protect more sensitive materials that could break or lose their shape easily. Vibratory finishing offers a smooth finish while maintaining the integrity of the product.

Learn More About Finishing Systems’ Offerings

At Finishing Systems, we have several bowl finishers and vibratory solutions for manufacturing applications. Whether you work with consumer products, medical instruments or automotive parts, a vibratory finishing process could provide the quick, clean polish you need.

We use advanced technology and features to make our vibratory finishing machines as efficient as possible. If you’re interested in learning more about our products and services, contact us today.

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