Industries That Use Metal Finishing

industries that use metal finishing

Industries That Use Metal Finishing

Updated: December 22, 2023

What is metal finishing? In the simplest terms, metal finishing is all about improving the surface of a metal component with a specific goal in mind, whether it be enhancing the object’s durability, improving its appearance, restoring or stripping it from a coating, or something else entirely.

Because metal finishing is used for such a variety of purposes, many different industries require finishing during manufacturing processes. The list of metal finishing industries could go on and on, but there are a few industries where the bulk of metal finishing work takes place.

At Finishing Systems, we’re proud to provide industrial metal finishing for a range of customers that work in different fields. Here’s a look at the many different industries that require metal finishing services.

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Industrial Metal Finishing Across Different Industries

The results of finishing are all around us on a day-to-day basis. Many of the products we use and the things we see have gone through a finishing process at some point. The following industries lean particularly hard on finishing for strength, durability and attractiveness:

  • Structural Metal Fabrication: From bridge girders, railway components to almost any general manufacturing component metal finishing is going to be evident to prepare the surface of a part.
  • Semiconductor: Without specific levels of conductivity, semiconductors will not work properly. All metals offer different levels of conductivity, and those levels can change over time. Unique finishing techniques can be used to help materials better maintain a specific level of conductivity so that semiconductors work properly over the long-term.
  • Communications: Similar to semiconductors, communication devices include parts that must have a certain amount of conductivity, and metal finishing is how that conductivity is both established and maintained.
  • Machinery, Equipment and Automotive: Cars, motorcycles, tractors and other machinery, equipment and automobiles require finishing, not just for durability and strength, but also for improved appearance. Metal finishing in these areas can be used to help motors and other internal parts work properly, and, of course, everyone wants a car, motorcycle or machine to look attractive, too.
  • Food Processing: Finishing techniques can be used to ensure food processing equipment protects against bacteria and that food processing operations can quickly and easily clean their equipment.
  • Appliances: Over time, many appliances are exposed to water and other substances that could degrade materials that have not gone through finishing processes. Most consumer appliances have been finished to fight against corrosion and other degradation when exposed to water and these other substances.
  • Water Treatment: Water treatment plants feature metal parts and equipment that are constantly exposed to water. Without proper finishing, these parts and equipment would rust and degrade over time.
  • Gaming: Gaming consoles need to be both durable and easy to clean, and finishing is how manufacturers help their consoles perform durably over the long-term.

What you see above is just a sample of industrial metal finishing in action. There are no limitations to the number of different industries that demand metal finishing services to ensure parts and equipment perform as needed for extended periods of time.

Why Choose Finishing Systems?

Since 1972, Finishing Systems has provided the finishing services that organizations in the industries listed above need for their products and equipment. We provide specialized services that include blasting and stripping, parts remanufacturing and assembly, packaging, distribution, warehousing and more. When you need industrial metal finishing, make sure you’re getting the best by choosing the capabilities at Finishing Systems.

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