3 Benefits of Sanding and Grinding Booths

sand and grinding booths

3 Benefits of Sanding and Grinding Booths

Updated: December 22, 2023

Installing a sanding and grinding booth in your business may be the easiest and most efficient way to remove coatings and to prepare objects for finishing, which is this type of booth’s main purpose.

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Why Buy a Sanding Booth?

Buying a sanding booth can give your business operations some great benefits — from providing a cleaner, safer work environment to having the equipment for an important process on-site and more.

Whether you’re thinking about installing one or you currently have one on your property, these are the main benefits of sanding and grinding booths.

1. Capturing Dust

When you’re sanding and grinding layers off of different objects, that layer will come off as dust. Without proper ventilation, that dust could turn your work environment into a hazardous place. These types of booths have ventilation systems built into them to capture that dust.

By collecting the dust as soon is it comes off, you’re maintaining a safer and cleaner workspace. You won’t have dust covering all the surrounding surfaces, and your employees won’t risk breathing in unhealthy air.

2. Recirculating Air

The ventilation system captures the dusty air, filters it and recirculates clean air back out. The dusty air travels through several filters that can remove even the smallest particles. Each filter the air goes through pulls out more and more of the dust particles.

When the air has completely gone through the filtration, 99% of the dust particles will be gone. Having the combination of dust capture and air recirculation in one booth means you can prepare objects for finishing without worrying about air quality.

3. Improving Energy Efficiency

Most sanding and grinding booths have their own lighting systems, which can save you money with energy costs. Because these booths usually contain all of the features you need for a variety of different uses, you don’t have to worry about installing other systems.

If you have a setup where you don’t have lighting pre-installed, adding separate lighting will just increase your power requirements. Each time you use that type of setup, you’ll use more energy than if you had a booth with all the features you need.

4. Easing Maintenance

With a simple design and all the features you need, a sanding and grinding booth makes it easier to give it the proper care. A sanding and grinding booth has a smoother interior, making it much easier to clean.

The smooth lines also make it easy to access other parts. If the fan needs maintenance or when it’s time to replace the filters, you don’t have to take apart several different components to get to the area you need.

Sanding and Grinding Booths From Finishing Systems

At Finishing Systems, we will install a sanding and grinding booth into your commercial property so you can enjoy all of these amazing benefits. With the ability to customize your booth to have the features you need, you can improve daily operations.

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