What Do Industrial Washers Do?


What Do Industrial Washers Do?

Updated: December 22, 2023

While industrial washers are typically an overlooked component of the manufacturing process, they are one of the most important machines in any project’s production. Washing a product’s individual parts creates a more effective final output.

Industrial finishing washers are not exclusively used at the end of production. They are employed multiple times during assembly, making them a key feature of any production process.

Integrating an industrial washer into your manufacturing process will increase production efficiency and help you produce high-quality products that will stand the test of time.

What Is an Industrial Finishing Washer?

Industrial washing is an essential stage in the production process. Various products and components across different industries must undergo a finishing wash to ensure proper performance after they are installed. These sectors include food processing, automotive manufacturing, gaming, semiconductor production and water treatment.

Industrial finishing washers are crucial to the manufacturing process because they can handle large components and provide the proper pretreatment before the next stage.

Using an industrial finishing washer has multiple advantages, such as:

  • Eliminating the need for intense labor.
  • Setting a high cleaning standard.
  • Reducing water costs.

What Do Industrial Finishing Washers Do?

An industrial finishing washer cleans metal and plastic substrates before they receive a powder or liquid coating. Industrial washers can pretreat surfaces before electroplating and autophoretic coating applications. Finishing washers are typically designed for washing processes that require multiple pretreatment steps before the final stage of production.

Without a finishing washer, metal parts could be contaminated before receiving this coating, which would shorten the coating’s longevity. These metal components are exposed to contaminants during the manufacturing process, such as grease and oil.

Manufactured items also undergo cleaning in a finishing washer before and after forming components are attached to them. Because finishing washers assist with multiple production stages, they are a vital part of the manufacturing process.

You can enjoy multiple benefits from implementing an industrial finishing washer in your production process, such as:

  • Improving performance: Industrial washing machines allow each component to perform to its highest ability, thus creating a more effective finished product.
  • Increasing durability: Industrial washing strengthens each part individually so they can withstand pressure and maintain their quality. 
  • Preventing future issues: Because finishing washers eliminate contaminants before coatings, the parts are less likely to have performance issues.

Trust Finishing Systems for Your Industrial Finishing Washers

If you need an industrial finishing washer, we can help. At Finishing Systems, we customize our industrial finishing washers to your specific purposes. We offer an extensive range of standard features, such as stainless steel tanks, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) pipes, drains, vertical pumps and more. Our effective, multi-stage industrial finishing washer systems include chemical cleaning, water rinsing, sealing and phosphate stages for an exceptionally deep clean.

Our nearly 50 years of experience in the industry have made us experts at catering to your specific needs. We also allow further customizations, including particle filtration and oil separation systems, access platforms and manual solution-level controls. With these additions, your industrial finishing washer can handle any project.

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