How to Choose Sandblasting Media

choose sandblasting media

How to Choose Sandblasting Media

January 05, 2023

Choosing the correct abrasive is vital for achieving a coating application that can withstand daily wear and tear. As you explore your sandblasting media options, it’s essential to keep the following tips in mind to ensure you select the right media for your project.

Considerations for Choosing a Sandblasting Medium

When choosing media for your sandblasting project, you will want to consider the following tips:

It’s Better to Be “Soft” Than Sorry

If you are still determining whether the surface can handle a more abrasive media, it is better to start with a gentler option.

Shine the Surface With Glass

Typically, manufacturers use soda-lime glass beads for bead-blasting applications, as they place minimal stress on the surface material for a smoother, brighter finish.

Use Aluminum Oxide to Remove Paint

Since aluminum oxide is harder and sharper than glass, it is ideal for paint removal and general cleaning.

Plastic Works Well for Aerospace and Automotive Needs

Plastic is an incredibly soft material, making it ideal for removing paint from the surface of materials such as fiberglass, which is common in many aerospace and automotive parts.

Cut Fast With Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbide has an aggressive cutting action and is ideal for glass, stone and other hard surfaces.

Choose Between Round and Angular Forms for Steel

Round steel shot is ideal for shot-peening and polishing, while an angular shape is a better choice for paint removal.

Avoid Sand

While many consider sandblasting and abrasive blasting interchangeable, some companies are moving away from using sand. One reason for this is its high silica content, which can cause severe respiratory illnesses when inhaled. Sand also has a high moisture content that can cause blasting equipment to break down.

Find the Right Media for Your Project With Finishing Systems

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