Checking Vibratory Finishing Bowls for Wear


Checking Vibratory Finishing Bowls for Wear

Updated: May 9, 2023

For businesses in industries that use vibratory finishing machines, conducting frequent inspections will help you succeed. Checking your bowl the right way at the right time allows you to maximize productivity and extend its life span.

Why You Need to Check Your Vibratory Finishing Bowls

Checking vibratory finishing bowls for wear is crucial in maintaining the machine’s health. Several issues can occur if you ignore preventative measures, including:

  • Components and pieces you put in the machine could become damaged during the finishing process.
  • Holes and cracks can form inside the bowl, causing water and compound leakage, which affects the finishing process results.
  • Damage to the lining or structure of the bowl leads to downtime, or worse, entire machine replacement — which both cause lost time and money.
  • Parts and components can become stuck in the vibratory bowl.

How to Check for Wear in Vibratory Finishing Bowls

Understanding where to look for wear and other issues in your vibratory finishing bowls is essential. Here is how to check for damage to this equipment:

  • Inspect the polyurethane or specialized rubber lining, especially near the drain, loading chute, discharge door and media and parts separation areas.
  • Perform the “nail test,” where you push a nail into the liner to measure the relative thickness. You can use this to estimate when to replace the liner.
  • Measure durometer hardness by conducting a durometer test, which determines how well the liner resists indentation.

When to Check Vibratory Finishing Bowls for Wear

One of the most vital parts of maintaining your vibratory finishing equipment is setting a schedule for inspections. Some common time frames for examining your machines include:

Vibratory Bowl Intr_ mass_steel media vibratory finishing


  • Every 200 to 300 hours: Apply lubrication to the base, then clear and clean drains.
  • Every 500 hours: Inspect clamping nuts, springs and compressed air hoses.
  • Every month: Check the conditions of the lining.
  • Every two months: Look for damages in compound dosing pumps and lines.
  • Every six months: Inspect all vibratory bowl surfaces and the lining for issues and wear.

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Conducting preventative maintenance on your vibratory finishing bowls ensures you get the most life from them. One of the easiest ways to ensure your vibratory machines work correctly is by performing weekly and monthly tests.

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