Why Is Heat Energy Recovery Important?

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Why Is Heat Energy Recovery Important?

January 06, 2022

Industries that use heat energy, like abrasive blasting, can implement a waste heat recovery system. Abrasive blasting equipment and accessories like an air replenishment system are important for consistent outcomes and safe operating conditions.

What Is Heat Energy Recovery?

Waste heat recovery captures the hot gas industrial equipment emits and uses its energy for other processes. This recovery process involves recycling the expelled heat to make it useful for the facility. Otherwise, this energy is lost in the environment. Some waste heat recovery applications include abrasive blasting, ceramic, steel and iron, and food industries.

The main advantage of waste heat recovery is its value as an energy source. Facilities can use heat recovery technology to reuse energy to run equipment. By taking advantage of this otherwise wasted energy source, companies will reduce their overall energy consumption.

The Impact of Heat Energy Recovery

Industrial waste heat recovery is an essential practice for businesses in any industry. Heat recovery for your business:

  • Is a reliable energy source: Since your equipment will consistently expel waste heat, you can count on using it as an energy source.
  • Increases efficiency: Heat recovery systems are simple to add to your workflow, and they make a big impact on your company’s overall efficiency.
  • Reduces energy consumption: When companies implement an energy recovery system, they will use less energy from other sources and reduce overall energy consumption.
  • Conserves resources: Whereas other energy resources are limited, large-scale businesses should conserve resources whenever possible. Waste heat recovery is an excellent way to get the energy you need for your operations while reducing your reliance on other limited options.
  • Minimizes waste: If the heat energy is not recycled, it is lost to the environment. By using this waste heat as an energy source, waste is minimized.

The Role of Heat Energy Recovery Units

Technology like heat waste recovery units controls heat waste and retention. A waste heat recovery unit captures exhaust and gases from industrial equipment — the waste heat — and repurposes it for other uses, such as heating asphalt and oil.

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